how is it that i've never felt busier, but at the same time i have zero things to blog about?

let me tell you about it.

+ i've been working out about half as much as i was before.

+ the girls' birthday party is coming together...kind of...and i'm putting in about half the effort.

+ i'm sleeping about half as well as i used to...even though sawyer is sleeping through the night, now.

+ i'm cooking dinner about half of the week. (last night i chopped up some ham i snagged from costco, threw it in some scrambled eggs, put that in a whole wheat, flour tortilla and called it dinner.)

which brings me ad sale. now, you make think it would be a great idea to do half off since i'm doing everything else half-assed.  but i'm really going to change things up and offer 60% off the group giveaway space! not a bad deal! CLICK HERE to purchase your space or see the other ad space options!