in college i landed a super fun job at gap.

friends, if you're ever looking for a company that's going to give you killer employee co. is where it's at. you know...just a side job with all our extra time and all.

me? i'm going to get a part-time job at pottery barn so i can finally decorate my master bedroom. and by part-time i hours a week? do you think they would go for that? basically just enough time for me to look around, help a person or two, and place my order.

super strategic.

but back to gap. in college i worked at baby gap and thus began my love affair with tiny, soft clothing. i can't keep myself off that website or out of that store. the clothing i've purchased has been through kaye then sawyer and is now being worn by little niece, reese. i'm all about quality over quantity.

i wrote all about my holiday picks for the girls on saturday. have a look here. 

here's a little snippet -

matching pj's - i look forward to bedtime for so many reasons...and matching pj's is just one of them.
here + here
which brings me to banana republic.

after i had had my fill of baby gap i moved stores and started working at banana republic. that opened a whole new can of worms. i was about 30 pounds heavier at that time (think bigger boobs, curvier hips, larger booty) and had what i would consider a pretty womanly shape.

i fell in love with BR clothing. their clothes were right up my alley because they are made to compliment a woman with shape...AND now that i'm 30 pounds lighter, their clothing is still complimentary.

i'm no clothing designer, but i just love when it's easy to get dressed in the morning and still feel cute but totally comfortable. these are my latest picks from banana republic. and with their winter 1 line arriving soon!!! i'll be sure to share those picks too.
striped shirt // distressed jeans // bootie
skull pendant // smart cookie pouch
field vest // modal shirt // cable knit sweater
leopard pumps // glasses sweater // gold disc earrings

another may have noticed (and will be seeing more of) is that i've been doing a few of these shopping collages as of late. and i say, "and why not?!"

i love the stores i'm recommending.
i shop the clothing and home goods i'm displaying.
i'm all about this blog making a few extra dollars.

so...i signed up for shop style, which means when you click the little links, they are affiliates.


yep. meaning shop style has an agreement with the different brands, we see something we like, we click, then that person displaying the goods gets a teeny-tiny amount of mula. as on the dollar. but, if i saw a dollar on the street, i'd pick it up. know what i'm saying?!

happy monday. make yourself feel better, and me too. click away! xoxo.