hey friday, hey!

so...in case you were wondering...my little sawyer-muff-muff is turning one TOMORROW. tomorrow.

and kaye is turning three next friday.

this year has seriously flown by...i don't even know what would happen if i had three kids. would i lose entire weeks?

this is why we have to stop at two. i don't want to get older any faster.

anyway, before we party our pants off celebrating our best gals tomorrow with a joint birthday party...

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T H I S  T I M E  O N E  Y E A R  A G O

the day before i had sawyer...
and then we got to meet her in the quickest birth...ever. well, probably not ever, but it seemed fast. 
and kaye met her...the pictures look sweet...but she was soooooo not sure of this new little thing in our lives.

we tried to have newborn pictures taken...but sawyer wouldn't stay curled up. she was soooo relaxed from the very beginning.

a few weeks ago we had family pictures taken, and i can't wait to see and share them! our girls have grown so much this year, in size and personality!

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