and just like that...i have a one year old. 

and kaye will be three on friday.

and i'll be officially old. 

and i think my eyebrow hairs are falling out. no seriously. can anyone recommend a good fill in product? 

that's what i'm here to talk to you about today...eyebrow hairs and delicious party favors. 

for kaye and sawyer's birthday i knew i had to go biggish because we were only going to have one party. one. one. one. those things are a lot of freaking work. and they get expensive. 

so when it came to the party favor i knew i wanted to have something cute and delicious for the 15 families in attendance to take home. (that made for over 50 kids and adults in attendance. it was wonderful chaos.)

i originally snagged this idea from amy when she threw these together for beckam's birthday. she had made about 20 cookie jars so i thought, "piece of cake...errr...cookie!" 

in all actuality, they are pretty easy to assemble, but getting all the supplies to actually assemble the jars is a pain, not to mention you have to do math to know how much of everything you need. and trying to complete that task with two kids in your cart is like trying to put eyeliner on while someone is shaking your elbow. 

but the cookie jars managed to get assembled...somehow.

C O O K I E S  I N  A  J A R - R E C I P E
anyway, i ordered my mason jars on amazon, removed the lids and left them in their box.

next i grabbed the only piece of paper i could find to act as a funnel. yes, i would have actually liked to use a real funnel, but who keeps a widemouthed funnel around? people who can, that's who. and i do not. i digress...
all you do is layer layer layer the ingredients one after the other, and hope to god you measured correctly, because if you don't have room for the're in rough shape. this was almost the case with my jars, but i packed it down as tight as i could with a spoon and shoved as much flour as the jar would allow. #closeenough
i wanted the jars to add to the decor of the party so i made up these little instructional cards to match the invitations and overall party color scheme. 
i grabbed some fabric to cover the jar lids, cut a million little squares, tied the instructions to the lid, and voila! cookies in a jar party favor. 
unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), some people forgot their jars so we had several leftover. i made the first batch last night, and they did not disappoint. but when do chocolate chip cookies ever disappoint? never.
overall, it's a party favor to be enjoyed by the whole family. i hope our guests enjoy their delicious cookies...and i hope everyone had a great time at the party! (including our sweet neighbor boy who caught a foot to the eye in the bounce house resulting in an alarmingly large shiner. thank god he's a tough kid.)