i need your advice on matters of the heart.

and by heart i mean...i need your advice on lots of things, but nothing extremely important.

so...not matters of the heart.

+ i have thick eyebrows...but THICK eyebrows are in, right? i mean...it's all about framing the face. guess this means i need an eyebrow pencil or something like that? so...what's your favorite? 

+ christmas. it is RIGHT around the corner. i can think of 1001 things to get myself...just check out my shopping while tipsy post from saturday...but i always have the hardest time picking out something for my farmer. like...something really good. one year i got him a go pro. that was a fun gift. so...what's something awesome i can get for the jack of all trades kind of guy? (don't say clothes.) what's your favorite gift you've ever purchased for the guy in your life?

+ holiday decorations. i'm ITCHING to get them out. i'm ready to transform our house. have you decorated yet?

+ we're traveling to california to my sister's house for thanksgiving...and we've decided to drive, not fly. that's 10 hours in the car. any amazing car-riding advice for my two best gals and me? we'll definitely be packing our favorite road trip snack - popcorn. and i think we'll be splitting the trip up and staying over in tahoe. but what else? what do i need to have ready to keep my best gals happy, which in turn, will make me super happy?

+ netflix. i finished sons of anarchy a few weeks back (O-M-Good Lord!). and since then, my motivation to get on the treadmill has been wavering. i need a new series! what's your latest go-to show? (i've seen - SOA, parenthood, dexter, orange is the new black, weeds)

+ final question - i'm all about being healthy, but lately all i want is comfort food and sweets. that's a problem. (i mean...moderation is okay, but all the time? no.) what's your favorite healthy snack? or maybe your favorite thing to eat post-workout? (that seems to be when i get my hANGRYest.)

happy monday friends.

happy. freaking. monday.

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