one time, years and years ago (pre children and pre farmer) i had made my way to the mall on a fine fine saturday.

i needed to pick up some new work pants. one thing...i needed one thing.

i called my friend to see what she was up to, you know, to see if she wanted to do some mall browsing with me.

as fate would have it, she too was at the mall! (except for she was offering wine tastings.)

W I N E T A S T I N G S ! ummm...okay.

i wandered upstairs to where she was stationed...and thus began my first pour. a heavy pour.

one turned into two tastings and two turned into ????? i'm not sure.

that's when i went shopping for those work pants i needed.

and just like the wine - work pants turned into several new tops. several new tops turned into a new bra. a new bra turned into some shoes...etc. etc. etc. i think i may have even purchased some makeup.

i spent so much $$money$$ that day. i looked like cher from clueless holding all of her colorful shopping bags.  #winegoggles

as it turns out...when you're a little buzzed EVERYTHING looks so good you have to buy it.

you and my bank account will be pleased to know that i ended up returning most of the items the following week, but that does't mean i didn't learn a VERY valuable lesson -

shopping after you've had a sip or two is F.U.N.

which brings me to this fine saturday morning - i have a  bit of bailey's in my coffee. the girls are eating breakfast and watching their cartoons.

and i am online shopping. (don't tell my farmer.)

this morning i'm on the hunt for some home decor (we're finally finishing our basement bathroom!) and maybe even a few gifts.

here's a light i'm considering for either side of the mirror in our bathroom. i want something different. not the typical bathroom light selection. i also want it to be totally girly. no farmers allowed. i was considering this flush mount, but our house gets so dusty and i think i would have to clean each little glass ball all the time.

i bought a holiday duvet (i change our bedding seasonally) last year, but i'm kind of in love with buffalo check this year...and i think i need this one.

these sheets would go perfectly with the new duvet.

but back to gifts for people...

this cheese board would make for a nice gift for the entertainer in your life. i mean...who doesn't love cheese...and boards.

ooo...all of a sudden i think we need a new bed frame for our guest bedroom. this one fits the bill. or maybe one magical day when we have our mountain cabin i'll put it there. that's a good idea.

also...these pillow covers are on sale now!! i bought two a few months ago and they are so wonderfully soft and look beautiful.

speaking of lovely would these sheets be with all white or ivory bedding. swoooooon.

has anyone else been into moscow mules the past few years? i recently tried one for the first time about a month ago and i'm soooold. there are some great recipes for holiday mules all over pinterest, which means i probably need these mugs. probably. plus they are on sale...that's a win. (ooo...these would make great gifts, too!)

should i be done shopping yet?

i could go into a pottery barn store, park it one of their glorious couch displays and then shop all day. that would look hysterical, but i really could do it.

i'll just finish this shopping session up with one last want. we're in need of new bedside tables and i've had my eyeball on this one. i love the white, but i'm not sure it would be a good idea to get something without shelving and a drawer. it would definitely cut down on clutter, though!


light // plaid sheets // mug // table
cheese board // copper mugs // crystal light // buffalo duvet
metal bed // pillows // fa la la sheets // ornament