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it's friyay again. how do the hours turn into days and the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into's nearly 2016.

seriously - thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. just sayin'.

and since thanksgiving is less than three weeks away i guess it's about time i share our halloween pictures!

the problem - kaye was so so fa-reaking cute that night it was hard to take out my camera or phone because i was just giggling and gawking at her and constantly turning around to my farmer saying...

"did you just see her?"
"look at kaye!"
"look at her!"
"look, she's getting candy!"
"look, she's running!"
"look, she's scared!"

i was that mom.

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H A L L O W E E N  R E C A P

1 | before halloween the gals and i made it out to my parent's house for dinner and pumpkin carving. my dad has some serious carving and scary-face drawing skills. however...i did manage to talk him out of any power tools this year.

i was so proud of kaye for digging right in...and being totally grossed out.

2 | on halloween night we headed to boise to do some dinner and trick or treating with our friends in boise. they live in a great area and the girls may have even scored a couple of king sized candy bars. that's a win.

3 | cathie and dylan's gal, claire, was the cutest izzy from jake and the neverland pirates. she's a year and a half older than kaye and had zero problem showing kaye the ropes around trick or treating. the girls were told several times they had the best TRICK OR TREAT! i think that translates to - most enthusiastic.

4 | my best gal, kaye, was dressed up as a super hero. have you guys ever seen the show pj masks? it's super cute and kaye is WAY into it. it's about kids who turn into superheroes when they put their pj's on. so basically...kaye HAD to be a superhero for halloween. and while i could have gone all out and gotten her a legit superhero this and superhero that...i went for a tutu and a cape. the whole getup cost less than $10. that's a win and she LOVED it.

and miss sawyer-muff (my other best gal) - she wore a recycled kitty cat getup from kaye's first halloween. girlfriend is going to have a lot of recycled this and that's. second kid probs. regardless..cutest kitty cat i've ever seen. edible.

5 | it was basically the very best night. cathie and i walked around with spiced apple ciders. the guys participated in something called trick or drinking...or maybe it was drink or treating? i can't remember. regardless - basically there were houses in the neighborhood that would hand out adult the adults. (think jello shots // beer // fireball). meanwhile...the girls ran wild throughout the neighborhood. sawyer hung out in the wagon. basically i wish it was halloween most every night.

yay! on to the next holiday! here comes thanksgiving!

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