it's my most favorite day of the year.

well, one of.

if you happen to have a banana republic credit card - you're in business.

it's FRIENDS + FAMILY time!

not only is it 40% off all sale, but you also get 50% off five full-price anything - including new arrivals. yay! and friends...there is some super cute stuff to share.

so, while i should be recapping my two best gals and their birthday bash...or maybe even halloween, instead i just need to show you all the great deals going on over at the BR.

...don't tell my farmer.
turtleneck sweater // modal shirt // drapey vest
belt // a-line dress // tote
ruffle tank // collar necklace // knock out sweater
a few things...

1 | that white modal shirt - i already own it. i'm buying another because it's the perfect white shirt. it looks great with a scarf. it's not tight around my tummy. dress it up, dress it down. i wore it non-stop last year and i'm in need of a replacement.

2 | nylon tote - i already own this one, too. except it's in an olive green color. it's wonderfully medium // large size, so it fits my laptop when needed. but don't get me wrong - if i need to throw snacks // water bottles // binkies // my wallet // my sanity in there as's got me covered. it also has a tiny pouch at the top large enough to hold my key and phone so they never get lost. keep in mind, this doesn't replace a trusted diaper bag, but it's great alternative when you're not in need of a giant bag hauling baby wipes // diapers // etc. plus it's cute.

3 | knock out  - i clearly have a problem. i bought this sweater earlier this season except it's grey and says smart cookie. men find that sweater particularly funny and will comment on it. no, seriously - the last time i wore it i can't tell you how many times i got the comment, "smart cookie, eh?" comical. so this next time i'm going for knock out. as in...i'll knock you out if you read my sweater to me.

okay friends! it's time to get your shop on!