our christmas cards. i look forward to them every year! and every year i promise myself that i'm going to write a letter to family and friends highlighting our year. and then i don't, because...i don't.

this year i also promised myself that i would design them. because who doesn't get a certain amount of pride in showing off something you've created?

but then...then i offered up my services to make holiday cards for friends near and far and well...there just wasn't time to snazzy up a card.

so...i jumped on the minted site and got to work "liking" all my favorites and then narrowing it down from there. i think the best part is that you can upload the photo you would like to use and then see that photo on all the cards at once. that's amazing.

once i chose the final card i used their address assistant to address all of our envelopes. eh hum...that means none of my crappy handwriting was to be found on all the beautiful envelopes. that's a win!

i also had the option of picking a matching return address wrapper - i would have had to be a fool to say no...the complete package turned out so! darn! cute!

the best part - now that they've been sitting on my kitchen counter for two weeks, i'm going to finally pop them in the mail...today.

so, if you're in a pinch for a beautiful holiday card - i can't recommend minted enough! you can't go wrong and there's still time to order to get your cards out on time! (not to mention a little discount on orders over $100.)