thank god its monday, because i'm shot.

our weekend was packed full of adulting, seeing great friends, and trying to keep up with our children.

it started on friday when farmer and i left the gals with the grandparents and made our way to the big city - FOR THE NIGHT!

we got a hotel room downtown which was on the 12th floor and had such a wonderful view of all the lights below.

the farmer and i made our way downstairs and met up with our good friends for a night full of delicious food and beverage. there's something about knowing you have zero chance of being woken up by your three year old because she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night that makes you throw caution to the wind. drinks drinks drinks...not to mention we didn't have to drive the hour back to the farm. yay for downtown walking!

after an appetizer and beverage (or two) at one of my favorite restaurants (berryhill), we marched our way over to ruth's chris. we all know ruth's chris, right? it's a nice steakhouse with locations...everywhere. and you know what else? it's downright delicious. i'm not sure if it's because the marinate everything in butter and then top it with butter or if it's because our server, robert, managed to flirt with the men and women without making it weird, or maybe it was the champagne and then the blueberry mojito that was the size of my face. whatever it is, i've eaten there twice, now, and both times it was the best meal i've ever had. moving on...

we had the very best evening - i know this, because i apparently posted a picture to my instagram about how to do eyebrow exercises. people. don't drink and instagram.

in addition, it was this couple's anniversary. they've been married for 19 years! anyway...

at the crazy hour of midnight (i think it was midnight), downtown was still abuzz, but we made our way back to the hotel...i was exhausted. i really really was!

the next morning we marched our way down to a delicious donut shop. the farmer wanted to buy two donuts each, and i was like - why you gotta be such an underachiever? i wanted a bakers dozen, so naturally we ended up with eight. but let it be noted - i could have eaten 13.

we brought the donuts to our friend's house who just had their second baby - the sweeeeeetest little gal. big brother managed to get his hands on one too many of the delicious donuts and by the time we left he was destined for an epic sugar crash...that's what friends are for, right? give sugar to your children and then leave? we managed it quite successfully. (will and julie - if you're reading, i'm really sorry. please don't plot your revenge.)

sunday finally rolled around as we made our way to boise with our two best gals again. we met up with some more friends and their three kids and went to a giant trampoline park, complete with a foam pit. my farmer showed me that he can quite effectively pull off a two handed-spin-transfer through the legs dunk with his hat turned backwards. even though he was on a trampoline...he looked pretty hot. kaye showed me that she is indeed a wild animal and didn't stop moving for two hours. she's absolutely fearless.

after dinner we finally made our way back to the farm. i'm nearly positive i was asleep by 8:15 pm. we totally survived and we're excited for another packed weekend coming up in six days!

the holidays are the best.