my farmer and i knew christmas was going to be fun this year because of kaye...but we didn't realize it was going to be the best christmas ever. the entire thing was absolutely magical.

it started with my farmer and i hosting christmas eve dinner. i decided to skip the formal dinner and just made a bunch of appetizers, desserts, and beverage. we had christmas music playing, the girls were running around and dancing, and everyone left properly food-filled and not thirsty. that's a win.

i'm a fan of appetizers any day of the week. maybe it's because there were so many cheese and crackers. cheeeeese.

it deserves a mention that sawyer is obsessed with all the males in her life and basically wants nothing to do with women...except her sister.

here she is getting her cuddle on with papa.

that night, after our families had gone home and sawyer was in bed my farmer and i remembered that we hadn't helped the girls write a letter to santa or set out any cookies and milk. whoops.

so i quickly dug a scrap piece of paper out of our drawer and kaye dictated the words she would like to share with santa. we set out a sugar cookie for santa, milk to wash it down, and a carrot for his reindeer.

about an hour later, my farmer and i snuck downstairs and began toting all the presents upstairs for under and next to the tree. (we had no clue the dollhouse was going to be five feet tall.) after a celebratory picture the farmer and i were beat and headed to bed.

when kaye woke up the next morning we heard her coming up the stairs so my farmer and i ran into the kitchen so we could watch her reaction when she saw all the goodies under the tree. we expected squeals of delight and jumping up and down. however, she immediately turned her head to the kitchen and spotted us crouching down behind the island. what??!

she said, "what are you guys doin'?"

exactly girl - what were we doing? your farmer and i are weird.

anyway...we showed kaye the half eaten cookie and the bitten carrot. her eyes were as big as saucers. she couldn't believe that santa came. we led her over to the tree and showed her her new dollhouse and all the gifts. she immediately wanted to wake up bitty and her uncle kody (my farmer's brother) so we could get the party started.

the favorite gifts were definitely - nike running shoes for bitty and the princess dress, doll house, pinkalicious book set, and all of sawyers gifts were kaye's favorites.

you would think kaye had never received a present in her life.

christmas dinner was spent at the in-law's house, but it was mostly used as a day of rest since we knew we would be skiing for the next three days straight.

we headed up to mccall on the 26th which was a winter wonderland. we went skiing, continued to eat way too many sweets, played in the snow, and just had a great time...except kaye. when the snow touched her skin you would have thought she was being burned by acid. thank god uncle kody was there to not save her...rather just pose for a picture. memory making.

i hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break with lots of fun and lots of rest...and lots of food and not too much drink. you know...just enough.

ps. oh hey, friday! will be back on january 8th! don't forget!