i'm not quiiiiite ready to let go of 2015. it was a good year.

a really good year.

we took lots of trips. my sawyer-muff transitioned from an infant to a toddler. kaye became the wildest little girl with the very best manners. not only does she have good manners, but she also got potty trained AND decided to start talking...which seems insane to me seeing as how i can have full conversations with her now.

not only those goodies, but in 2015 i also started party & paper and then quickly changed it's name to karli bell branding & design - because that's what i do. i can never make up my mind.

oh! and how could i forget my 2015 obsession with the tone it up gals. remember?

2 0 1 5  |  Y E A R  I N  R E V I E W

1 | we took a couple of ski vacations...and got kaye on the ski hill! watching the video of her bombing down the mountain and my farmer catching her in addition to carrying baby sawyer kills me every time.

no no hunny! you've got this! i'll just hold the camera!

2 | in february we took sawyer-muff to scottsdale. miss kaye stayed with her nana and grandpa (farmer's parents). it was so nice to get off the farm in february. we got to replace 10º temperatures and wind with sun and 80º. that's a win. not to mention we celebrated my cousin's wedding with his lovely bride. it was wonderful to see family that i don't normally get to.

3 | i failed HUGE at potty training kaye. as it turns out...it's way easier if you just wait until they want to do it. luckily for us - kaye wanted to do it sooner rather than later. regardless...my first attempt was a big fat fail.
4 | my sister visited in all her pregnant glory and we had a very pampered weekend! i'm talking facials, massages, brunches, dinners, movies...and no kids. i also threw her the simplest baby shower at our favorite local restaurant. no baby decor. no games. just brunch and my sister's favorite friends.

5 | we had amy take the very very best sister pictures of my two best gals. oh my gosh - i'm just dying looking at the pictures, again.

6 | then there were all the posts about when i decided to get in shape. (and this post too...plus many others!) oh lord. looking at those pictures makes me realize how far i've fallen! this is good - the new tone it up challenge starts this monday...and i'm starting all over again. eight weeks of workouts, good nutrition...and lots of before and after pictures. are we all excited yet?

7 | i finally kind of finished kaye's big girl room.

8 | i threw a big mother's day brunch for our friends. much to my farmer's distaste...i'll be doing it again this year. maybe on a slightly smaller scale.

9 | my farmer and i took a vacation (for a family wedding) to santa barbara! i didn't recap it very well...but hey...we went!

10 | i ran a half marathon within a 70.3 triathlon ironman with one of my best friends and my farmer. she did the swimming portion...my farmer biked...i ran. it was painful.

11 | i started my little designs for party & paper (turned karli bell branding & design)! and friends...don't forget to keep on keepin' on! if you need any paper goods, send me an e-mail! i'd absolutely love to help. currently i'm working on a set of business cards for a fellow blogger, a party invitation for another blogger friend, a design board for yet another blogger starting a small business...guys! i'd just love to help you! (and i can totally send you examples of my work!)

12 | we hit up yellowstone with my farmer's cousin and his sweet family.

13 | i went on my first blate with jessica from the newly! and friends...if you ever get a chance to meet a fellow blogger - do it. it's absolutely wonderful.

14 | we got to celebrate kaye turning 3 and sawyer hitting the 1 mark! it was such a fun party...but i think this next year i'm just going to take them to disneyland. who wants to join me?

15 | i obsessed over our family pictures -

+ my farmer and gals
+ the gals and me
+ family pictures

16 | and finally - we celebrated the holidays! thanksgiving, our christmas card, and christmas.

i'm totally exhausted...bring on 2016!