thank god it's monday. i really never never thought i'd say that, but i really mean it...for several reasons -

+ the bachelor starts tonight, and
+ i told myself i could be on vacation until monday, but on monday sh*t was going to get real and i was going to turn into a lean, green, clean machine...and workout. (i typically speak in rhyme when i'm trying to pump myself up.)

the tone it up challenge is starting today!

so, as i was pounding my final slice of raspberry-lemon cheesecake last night, i was so so excited to wake up the next morning (monday) and start my road to food recovery. i don't think i've ever indulged so severely.

our scale hasn't had a battery for about six months now, but i'm almost positive i've gained at least five pounds.

at some point i realized, "hey...i'm not the only one who indulges at the holidays, right?"


that's why i thought it would be a good idea to share how i plan on keeping myself motivated over the next eight weeks - while i shut down the engines, and get myself back to neutral.

1 | always and forever will i use clothing as a motivator. i'm in desperate need of a new running shirt and black, cropped yoga pants. i already have my goodies picked out, and as soon as the end of week three hits i'll be gifting these and this to myself. (pending i stick with my program.)
not to worry - i won't be getting these particular colors!
2 | measurements + pictures - you guys...the last time i did the tone it up challenge was the first time i had ever taken my measurements // weighed myself consistently and charted everything. you can see that post here. if you're goal is to get fit this 2016 i highly recommend doing the above to stay motivated! i measure and weigh every two weeks and i'm always SHOCKED by what can happen in just 14 little days.
3 | the third trick up my sleeve is my fitbit. this monday i'm a part of three different workweek hustle challenges and i couldn't be happier about it. this holiday i've never been more stagnant, so being a part of the challenges and checking in on my competition will definitely encourage me to move my booty.

4 | look forward to something - you guys...i know we just finished the new year, but valentine's day is just six little weeks away! ummm...hello?!

so, if you're like me and this is the one time of year when you have to worry about being naked in front of your significant other...I'M KIDDING!

but seriously - whether you're planning a night out with your best gals or a night in with your best man wouldn't it be suuuuper fun to look and feel great?

answer - yes.

my plan is to have a super romantic night with my farmer and i'll probably need to wear a short skirt and heels (because that's what my farmer likes!)...and dammit...i want to look good in that short skirt. that's motivation.

5 | and lastly - go shopping. food shopping. there is nothing worse than finishing a workout and realizing an hour later you're starving. you head to the fridge and realize you have exactly two lemon slices of healthy food. it's either a lemon slice or some baby food. gross.

what i'm saying is - try to make sure you are consistently visiting the store so that you always have several options of healthy food if you find your self hangry (when hunger turns to anger).

ideas - apple with almond butter // 1/4 of an avocado on toasted, sprouted bread // hard boiled egg // 1 cup blueberries + 1/4 cup walnuts // hummus + baby carrots

and that's it! five ideas to stay motivated that i plan on tapping into nearly every single day.

my first order of business - go take before pictures. i always employ my farmer to do this which he begrudgingly participates in...and don't worry...i plan on posting those pictures here too...because everyone loves a good before and after story, right?!

here's to a healthy start to our 2016! muah!