...in the kitchen.

spice things up in the kitchen. 

i'm in a cooking rut. my poor farmer. i can only expect him to eat a burrito bowl full of romaine and quinoa so many nights a week. ya know? 

so i decided to dig deep this week. deep into my pinterest boards (<---you can totally follow my boards!) to find five recipes that i'll be excited about preparing for my farmer and my two best gals. 

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M Y  F I V E - spice things up...in the kitchen

1 | brie + bacon grilled cheese with fig jam
we'll start the week off unhealthy and then work our way out of this brie and bacon heaven. but doesn't this just look amazing? brie = love. bacon = love. get in my mouth.

2 | teriyaki salmon with sriracha cream sauce
i have to admit...i grilled this recipe up this past summer...and i've been dreaming of it ever since. i've never done salmon in the oven, so we'll see how it goes.

3 | blackened chicken with cilantro lime quinoa
yep. sign me up! i'm always looking for new recipes for a good baked chicken breast...and this is it. double bonus that it's on a bed of flavorful, healthy quinoa! i also love that the avocado cream sauce topping the chicken is made with a greek yogurt base. that's a win!

4 | roasted butternut squash and bacon soup
the other day at costco i noticed for the first time pre-cut butternut squash. yes please. sign me up. have you ever tried to cut a butternut squash yourself? #notworthit i mean...the recipe i made was good, but not worth potentially losing a finger or maybe even an entire hand for. so anyway...pre-cut squash - that i can get on board with. i snagged it up. i'll be making this recipe for sure.

5 | shrimp tacos with cilantro lime sour cream

and lastly...this deliciousness. i'm a big big fan of fish tacos. there's a restaurant in boise that serves a myriad of yummy dishes...but i always order the fish tacos. can't help myself. this means its about time i make them at home. i know they won't be as yummy because i'll be using whole grain tortillas and subbing out the sour cream for greek yogurt, but these look wonderfully flavorful and i'll get extra high fives if i can get kaye to eat the shrimp.

that's it! i'm totally going to get things jazzed up in the dinner arena. my farmer will give me extra kisses for all my domestic goddess-ness...or something like that.

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