i don't even know where the days go anymore.

i blink and it's time to make dinner.

i blink again and the house is dark and quiet and it's 5:30 am. time to wake up.

i figured i better put pen to paper // fingers to keyboard to actually figure out where my hours go.

5:30 am :: time to wake up. i tiptoe as quietly as possible so as to not wake anyone up. i loooooooove quiet mornings. i look forward to them every day.

i grab a cup of coffee, almond butter toast, and cozy up in front of my laptop on the couch. here i try to get some work done. whether its a mood board, invitation design, or just popping around pinterest conjuring up inspiration. i love working in the total silence.

7 am :: kaye's awake and since it's winter...it's still totally dark outside. she comes and sits next to me on the couch. i close the laptop and we get in some serious cuddle time. she tells me about her dreams and that she had a good sleep.

7:30 am :: bitty boo boo la roo squawks. i snag her out of the crib, do a  quick diaper change, and plan our attack to wake up the farmer. (since it's winter...he gets to sleep in.

at this time i usually take sawyer into our room and place her on our farmer's face. she loves it. i think  our farmer does as well. she'll slap his face until he concedes and gets up.

8 am :: breakfast is on the table. i start them off with blueberries and milk while i make the other goodies. it's either protein pancakes with almond butter, old-fashioned oatmeal with cinnamon + agave, eggs and toast...or if i'm just not feeling up to it...just toast with almond butter. toast with almond butter is totally acceptable.

also, while the girls are eating breakfast...this is the most perfect opportunity to clean something without them getting all up in my business.

9 am :: since we're usually just hanging out on the farm they are definitely still in their pj's. i'm typically in workout clothes. this may or may not mean i have intentions of working out.

it's at this time i try to figure out how to get the gals to play by themselves since i'm typically trying to bust out a few e-mails, finish a blogpost, or attempting to get to a good stopping point on a design.

i swear - if there is a toy that will keep both gals occupied for at least 30 minutes...i don't care how much it is. i'll buy it.

10 am :: sawyer is down for her nap. sweet, sweet, glorious nap. she's also in a  nice little spot where she's been consistently sleeping for three or more hours. yep...that's 10 am until at least 1 pm.

during this stretch i set kaye up with a project (puzzle, play-doh, coloring) and i get a workout in. this is not to say that kaye doesn't also bust out some serious screen time here and there.

11 am :: thank god i'm done with my workout. kaye's usually ready for a snack, so i gather some goodies (usually crackers + hummus) and we enjoy some food together. which is good, because i'm usually starving.

then, from 11 am until sawyer wakes up...it's just kaye and me. usually kaye wants me to chase her around our playroom (i.e. downstairs). we ride stick ponies, build forts, or her favorite game lately is to act like i'm a witch that sporadically turns into nice mommy back into a witch. this is fine, because i'll do anything if it means i don't have to chase her.

1 pm :: sawyer is awake and we're off to the races to get lunch ready.

lunch can be anything from a almond butter + jelly sandwich and some random fruit + veggie...or if i'm really feeling like an over achiever i'll throw together some quinoa // veggie // protein something or other.

after lunch :: this is where things get blurry. at this point in the day i've usually heard back from clients and i'm trying to answer e-mails while still trying to log some quality play-time with my gals or fold laundry or think of something to make for dinner or maybe even take a shower. yeah...i'm typically still gross from my workout.

4 pm :: time to start dinner. am i the only one who's gals are wanting to eat by 5 pm?

no shame in my game - i turn the tv on to a show for the gals and i get things going in the kitchen.

5 pm :: my farmer is home by 5 pm (since it's not farm season) and we eat.

eating consists of keeping sawyer's plate full (she eats so much and so quickly) and reminding kaye to take three more big bites. then she complains that it's cold...because she waited too long. so we heat it up for her and then remind her to take three more big bites. same story...every night. she fights us and fights us. i threaten her - then you'll just have to go straight to bed. this usually works to get one or two bites down.

6 pm :: dinner is done and i decide whether or not i want to clean up now or in the morning. usually i decide morning is best.

we throw both girls in the shower (whether they need it or not) just so we can see their adorable naked bodies running around doing the booty dance. i tell myself i have got to get this on video. it's the most perfect opportunity for future embarrassing moments when we bust out the old home videos and show their friends and / or boyfriends.

6:30 pm :: relax time. sawyer gets books read and tucked in for the night. kaye gets cuddle time on the couch for thirty minutes while we watch part of a movie.

7 pm :: farmer and i usually alternate who puts kaye to bed each night. when he puts her to bed it usually takes around 45 minutes. he's such a softie and can be talked into multiple stories // books // songs // etc.

evening :: with the girls in bed...the world is our oyster. and by oyster i mean farmer and i log some serious quality time...with our electronic devices. him = iPad. me = laptop. yes...i'm still trying to get work done at this point in the evening. unfortunately, i'm usually so spent...both mentally and physically that i close up shop and force my farmer into some mandatory cuddle time. i may or may fall asleep on him...more often than not.

what i'm saying is - running a three year old to the toilet in a panic five times a day and playing witch and working out and making meals and building forts and waking up at 5:30 am...i'm exhausted.

before i head to bed i take the opportunity to prep the coffee for the next morning. waking up to already made coffee makes 5:30 am not seem so terrible.

9 pm :: i'm in bed. i blink and the house is dark and quiet. it's 5:30 am.