i'm guilty. guilty guilty guilty.

i've been copping out so so hard on writing any blog posts. truth is...i've been spending all my spare moments designing, researching design, gathering inspiration for designing...and when i'm not doing that i'm forcing my children to cuddle me.

side note - sawyer. that girl. her open-mouthed kisses will never get old. she's far more affectionate than her sister ever was at her age...and i luuuuurrrrve it. granted...her affections are quite passive aggressive. she'll be slapping you in the face one moment with a lego horse and hugging you the next. but that's the crazy in her...just like her mama.

but back to it.

i've been slacking. i've been lacking. it's not that i don't have anything to write about...it's that i just have been asking myself...why would anyone want to read it? i want to share inspirational, beautiful things. not blurry iPhone pictures.

so maybe i'm at that moment when i start expanding this space to accommodate more of what i feel will pacify my creative side.

think - less 47 week pregnancy update // more here is what i'm designing lately.

less here's a cookie recipe // more here are my favorite booty workouts.

time to be a little more assertive with what i'm putting out in this space. i've never been passionate about baking. i've always been passionate about squats...in a very love to hate way.

maybe in an effort to accomplish this task i'll actually start keeping one of those blogging calendars...but i'm certainly not going to hold my breath. next month. march sounds like a great time to keep a blog calendar.

in the meantime. i popped around and gathered up some of my favorite post ideas...you know. for those times when you want to put something out but just keep drawing a blank.

1. favorite bloggers
2. if you knew me in high school
3. if you knew me in college
4. blog questionnaire
5. top netflix binge watches
6. be a vegetarian for a week
7. if you lived in my city...favorite things to do
8. favorite workout gear
9. favorite instagram accounts
10. seasonal clothing must-haves
11. if i could redo college...
12. a day in my life
13. blogging resource list
14. best of post...best recipes // best workouts // best posts
15. favorite cleaning products (i seriously want to do this one...because i'm weird like that)
16. before + after
17. how to...do anything. like...make a bed. pack a suitcase. workout with children.
18. review your worst posts
19. FAQ - still want to do this via vlog.
20. and lastly - pet peeve post