happy almost friday, friends. we've nearly completed another work week.

i've pulled out a little more hair...what little i have left after two children. (it's not recovering.)
i've had way way too much coffee.
my workouts have been on point.
nutrition has been pretty stellar too!

i'd say i'm shooting under par. now if i can just find a babysitter for valentine's day...


but this is all besides the point. why talk about me when i can talk about fabulous, motivated, beautiful gals...like savannah!

i have savannah here from happily ever nichols...and she's just the sweetest. just the cutest. and i'm just so happy to introduce you to her...except you probably already read her. but if you don't...or if you do...
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This year I did not write an "official" list. I feel like if they are on the list I won't get to them. Instead, I think of them as goals that don't necessarily have to finished within the year. Progress is key! My goals consist of loosing those last 10 pounds to get down to my pre pregnancy weight, getting into the masters program, and landing my dream internship.

F A V O R I T E  P O S T S

isn't she  wonderful!? if you think being featured on Sept. Farm is something you would like to try, i'd LOVE to have you. love love love it. check out your options here!