we're off and running with our third round of 10 on Tuesday. love that.

i have a fun 10 list today and it got me all sorts of inspired to tackle a blogging task i've been meaning to do for ages and ages...but, that's quite literally another story for another day.

today...this is what we're doing...

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10 Steps to How I Snagged My Farmer

1 | i met my farmer at a golf tournament. his company was apart of an organization for an engineers...and this was an annual tournament they golfed in. i worked for an architecture firm that did work with my farmer's company on occasion. my boss randomly sent me to said golf-outing because a few more golfers were needed. when i saw my farmer i crossed my fingers and toes i'd be in his golfing group. i was.

2 | that very day after the tournament i asked him if he wanted to hang out later that evening. he turned me down. the next week i asked him out again and he agreed. he took me out to dinner and we ordered the same meal.

3 | during our FOUR years of dating my farmer taught me how to rock climb and i taught him how to whitewater kayak.

4 | what i didn't know - my sneaky farmer was dating at least two other girls at the same time as me! i mean...i guess we never said we were exclusive...

5 | that's when it just became a challenge. must. win. farmer. he was a hot ticket around the boise scene.

6 | my farmer is a great dancer and can spin and flip me all over the place. it was a big selling point for me.

7 | when i was dating my farmer i had zero inclination of his farmer aspirations. he was an engineer. since when do engineers become farmers?

8 | as i was trying to win over my farmer - nothing was working. i felt like i was being dragged along. that's when i left the country. i decided i needed to see europe. i got a job as a nanny in prague.

9 | i guess prague was too far away for my farmer. he came to see me after i'd been there for a month. when it was time for him to leave i dropped him at the airport and cried and cried and cried...and cried some more.

10 | after my adventures in europe, i returned home after staying with my sister in boston for three months. it still took my farmer over a year to propose.

but...good things come to those who wait. #lessonlearned

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