oh friends. i love these features. and according to that questionnaire i had on the blog several weeks ago...you don't mind them either!

you said it was a great opportunity to find new blog reads and learn more about the gals behind the blogs. 

but just once...ONCE...wouldn't it be fun if a male blogger wanted to be featured? that would be wild. 

according to the questionnaire, on average, 1% of Sept. Farm readers are male. i knew this already, but it's fun to confirm.

blah blah blah...nobody cares about the questionnaire except me. what you do care about...meeting great new gals that share your hobby. so let's get to it...

first up!
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if you don't count my husband, baby fox and mini fox...let's just assume they are with me. i would choose a fire starter (because there is no rubbing two sticks together for me and i've watched enough naked and afraid, and dual survival to know i cannot start my own fire), water filter, so at least we had some fresh water until the filter ran out, but hopefully long enough to find our own water source, last but not least i would choose a knife, for obvious reasons. okay, clearly i watch too many survivor shows.

next up!
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1 | husband

2 | baby

3 | phone


and those are your featured gals for the month of march! thanks so much for being on the blog, ladies!

and everyone else - don't be shy. show them some love. check out their blogs and social media. it's always worth it!

in other news....

friends! i'm always looking for wonderful new blogs to feature here on Sept. Farm. if you would love to see your beautiful face here all written up with a shiny bow...i'm your gal! check out my ad space options

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