i have a treat! and by treat i mean - the least exciting post i've ever written...but maybe the most practical and useful. 

bonus - there's a printable so you too can be the very proud owner of a list telling you where to clean in your home. yay.

10 on TUESDAY - how to get your clean on

1 | did you clean out your refrigerator? good. more specifically, did you clean the top of the refrigerator? you should probably take a peak behind it as well.

2 | pull your stove out. what’s under there? you’re not sure what that is? clean it. 

3 | your car. was this on your spring cleaning list? refrain from the 38 animal cookies you found in the backseat, throw away the rest of the garbage. wipe it down. vacuum it out. pull out the car seats and deep clean those too. 

4 | take a moment to go around your house and clean all your light switches and all your door knobs. germ central. oh…and don’t forget to wipe just above and below the door knob. those areas get touched a lot too. 

5 | when was the last time you put your coffee maker through a vinegar cycle and changed it’s water filter? do yourself a solid and help your coffee taste even yummier. 

6 | did you wipe down your garbage can? how about the inside of it? was it disgusting? i know…it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. 

7 | don’t even get me started on the tops of mirrors // picture frames // art we hang on our walls. did you dust those? you should. odds are they are totally gross. 

8 | you’re going to hate me for this one, but you should do a quick glance at your kitchen drawers and cabinets. they need vacuumed and wiped down i’m guessing…and your pantry probably needs a little organization as well. bonus - you can grab a snack while you’re in there. 

9 | how about your washing machine? if you have a front loader like us this is a necessity. i ordered some tide washing machine cleaner off of amazon and it keeps that little space smelling fresh…instead of like mildew. 

10 | and lastly…your baseboards. you probably didn’t forget to wipe these down…but there’s a good chance you’ve been putting it off for far too long. just do it. get it over with. call it a day.

pick three of these tasks and do them in one sweep - you can consider it your workout for the day.
don't stop there...keep it going! what do you think neeeeeeeds added to this list?! i'm always game to get my clean on. a clean home is a peaceful home. decluttered and wiped down = relaxing for this mama!

but seriously - what are your MUST-CLEAN spring cleaning? it can be organizing your kids clothes / cleaning out closets. it can be outside chores like prepping your garden! share in the comments!

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