easter weekend has come and gone and i once again failed to snap a sweet picture of my two best gals in their darling easter dresses. i mean...there was one point that i made the girls stand next to each other...but i'm that mom that just doesn't care that much. if my children are going to get all bad-attitudy with me because i'm hindering whatever important thing it was they were about to do...like smashing a hard-boiled egg...it's not worth it to me.

maybe in a few years it won't be such a freaking process...but getting my girls to stay put for a sweet picture is like tying a cat's tail to flaming stick. it's just not going to happen. (not that i've ever tied a stick to a cat's tail before. but i imagine this to be only possible in the jungle book.)

anyway...for the third (or is it fourth?) year in a row we headed to amy's farm for a get together with friends and family. they have a huge, flat yard making it the very perfect space for egg hiding // hunting.

everyone brought food - potatoes, eggs, blueberry french toast, fruit salad, pie, and i made this amazingly delicious blueberry + oat + pecan crisp. it was so easy...definitely healthyish...and a win in my book. add it to your breakfast pinterest board. just like i did.

after brunch we headed out for egg dying // hiding // hunting.

blah blah blah - the kids had a great time.

but the real action were the adult competitions.

in the preceding days of the race i may have talked some trash. i'm pretty competitive and really thought i was going to win. i'm not above pushing someone down. but i lost. miserably. my strategy of going to the part of the yard that none of the other girls ran to was not a good move. there was a bright point when i lifted kaye into a tree to get an egg i couldn't reach. there was a low point when i was told there were two eggs that couldn't be retrieved in a deep, dark hole. i tried. i didn't get them. i even had kaye try...nope. then the guys tried. the eggs were retrieved. i cheated and put them in my basket.

the male competition was fierce as well...but there was quite a bit of complaining. i guess the girls did a little too good of a job hiding the eggs. 
there's nothing like seeing three grown men rush a swing set from all angles.
needless to say...my farmer didn't win. 

this guy won...and there was some celebrating. 
and lastly...we snagged the opportunity to get some family pictures. in an attempt to help sawyer smile...we failed. but there really is nothing like two grown men playing peek-a-boo from behind the photographer. i thought it was hysterical.
sawyer was nonplussed.