A  N E W  L O O K

first things first - i got a wild hair yesterday and was like, "i feel fat. how about a new blog design?!"

kidding - i didn't feel fat, but i did want to change a few things up on the ol' bliggity blog. give it a facelift.

i just jumped right on etsy, typed in pre-made blogger templates...voila! loads and loads of themes ready for the purchasing.

my particular theme was $9 and you just can't beat that...unless you code the entire thing yourself...which i could never do...never want to do...and have decided i never want to learn to do.

so...if facelifting is something you've got a hankering for...look no further than etsy. save yourself some money and buy a pre-made template. i always thought it was going to be difficult which was why i was so hesitant...but had i known i would have gone this route long long ago.

you can expect september farm facelifts on the regular.


some of us had challenging yesterdays. some of us squeaked by with an appropriate passing day.

when my farmer gets home he'll ask me how the girls did and i give them a grade. it's much more specific and forces me to recap the highs and lows. sweet moments of independent play gets them some serious extra credit.

yesterday i'd give the gals about a B- for their behaviors. there were some bright and shining moments like when we did play-doh for an hour and i only had to dig it out of bitty's mouth five times...and there were some not so bright moments like when they both followed me around for ten minutes crying and grabbing at me as i tried to get all our dirty laundry together. (it was a do or die moment with the laundry. i've been scraping the bottom of the undies bin for days. i was either going to have to start repeating or turn them inside out.) KIDDING!

in reality...my best gals are probably just a little stir-crazy.

this time of year is always so tricky on the farm. it can be ridiculously sunny, or it can be sunny with winds of 30 mph. straight up miserable. no bike rides. no walks. no trampoline. and i think a kite would turn into a weapon with those wind speeds. so...we get stuck inside and it makes everyone a little bit wild-eyed.

so, if my girls got a B- i would say my farmer would give his day a D-. it was so bad, in fact, that he wouldn't even tell me about it. he just expressed that he was exhausted.

he's working up a big water-piping project on the farm...i think it's for water conservation and power savings and blah blah blah. (kidding! those things are very important!)

my point is...my farmer spent the entire day in a six foot trench wrestling a pipe that was probably really heavy. the whole thing was muddy and windy and cold and nothing i'd ever want to do.

bless that farmer of mine.

he didn't get home until 8pm even thought i tried to entice him with the sweetest picture of our best gals being so good to one another. we were watching a show before bed and i looked over...and this...

holding hands! lately they've truly been finding joy and companionship in one another and it makes my heart go pitter-patter. my two best gals...becoming each other's best gals. it's the best.

A N N O U N C E M E N T !

so...i got a pretty fun response for my new 10-series from yesterday. the plan is to post a new top-10 list every tuesday. so easy, right? right. so easy in fact...i'm making it a linkup!

come up with your own top 10 list. post it on tuesday. then head over here to get your linkup on.

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...so many options!

here's the snazzy button you'll want to post so everyone knows where you're linking up! and don't forget to tell all your blogging friends!