these posts make my mouth water at 5:30 am.

i had another round with Sun Basket (see my original post here) and it did not disappoint. you guys...i'm sold. hook // line // sinker. done.

when i'm preparing meals for my family i am always considering what would be appropriate for my 17 month old to eat. certainly not a cut of steak with swiss chard...unfortunately.

which means it's safe to say that since my farmer and i had children our meals have become...oh, what's the word...kid friendly. don't get me wrong, i'll still make shrimp and grill salmon, and i really do try...but nothing takes the wind out of your sails like when your three year old tells you something looks disgusting. which has been the case lately...every night for weeks.

what i'm saying is this - i'm a Sun Basket fan. i'm going to be working a delivery schedule into our monthly budget (for once a month) for my farmer and me. because believe it or not, the meals that were sent felt so sophisticated. they were unlike anything i'd ever prepared. my mouth was in love. i was actually excited to prepare dinner. and most importantly - i didn't have to worry about my daughter criticizing the food...because she wasn't going to be eating it.


just go to Sun Basket's website and click on their menu in the top left corner. for the week of march 21st they are offering so much deliciousness, but i would choose - 
  1. shrimp coconut curry with purple sweet potato
  2. grilled sausages with red-pepper chutney and braised kale
  3. almond crusted fish with chermoula and cucumber olive salad (i don't even know what chermoula is!)
i just love that in a snap i have three meals planned out. three meals we've never even come close to tasting. 

did i mention that they offer vegetarian // gluten free // paleo options every single week? love that.

so, three nights a month my farmer and i will feast on gourmet while our gals enjoy their version of gourmet...apparently that consists of chicken hotdogs and sweet potato fries. i'm calling that a win. all the while i'll be beefing up my recipe book and honing my culinary skills. you guys...i'm #winning all over the place.

and speaking of #winning...Sun Basket and i teamed up to bring you a little giveaway at the bottom of this post! yay!

but latest Sun Basket conquest.

my last round with Sun Basket included steak. i love steak...but i had never made it on the stove, always on the grill. that's just how i was raised. silly me for thinking that was the only option.

i know i mentioned in my last post about the ingredients, but allow me to stress this point. everything delivered in my Sun Basket box was fresh // organic // fragrant // and just lovely. all the way out to the farm and everything. i couldn't believe it. 
i got to work on my chopping and zesting and mixing and searing. again, it was a simple recipe to follow and i love how the card tells you how to plate your meal. my steak ended up looking just lovely and the porcini pan sauce with the chard was absolutely delicious.
my farmer was away on his boy trip for this particular meal. that means i was lucky enough to save the other half of this meal and enjoy it a second time the following day. yum.
as mentioned above, i've teamed up with Sun Basket to offer a giveaway!

the giveaway will run for one week. all you have to do is enter your e-mail for a chance to win a delivery of Sun Basket - three meals for two people!

if you would rather not wait, just by entering the giveaway you'll receive $30 off your order! love that.

happy monday, friends! apparently i'm going to go make some steak for breakfast.