so...ummm...yeah. i'm doing this. it's compliment time! as my friends and i call it. yes...i just divulged that my friends and i actually take time to compliment one another on most occasions that we see each other. we're pretty ridiculous.

for last week's 10 list i shared reasons as to why i was so damn awkward. and i totally am. i'm not negating that. i'm the gal you're just never sure what's going to come out of her mouth. luckily, according to your comments...all of your are pretty damn awkward yourselves. we're all in good company. this is a safe place.

so, instead of ragging on myself this week...i'm going to tell you all why i'm so damn great.

10 compliments...for me. yay. but first...

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10 - compliments to myself

1 | i'm a pretty good runner. and by pretty good...i mean i'm pretty dedicated and i continue to improve. i've done loads of races - 1/2 marathons, triathlons...but never the dreaded marathon. i'm not sure i'll ever get there. i'm not sure i even want to.

2 | i set a good example for my two best gals for healthy living every day. it's all about balance, friends...and my gals know that.

3 | i married my farmer. yes...this is totally a compliment to me. you wouldn't believe how many times i've been told, "you are so lucky to have snagged your farmer." and i'm like...blah blah blah...i know! but just think - how great I must be to have snagged a guy like him. (hint - i was totally persistent. i'll tell you the full story from how i asked him out on our first date to how he finally proposed...some day.)

4 | i'm funny! (i'm funny because i'm always gets a laugh. i think people feel bad for me.)

5 | my favorite feature - eyes

6 | you guys - i never thought i'd say it (and neither did my parents), but i'm a good cook! i really am. it's taken the better part of nearly six years of marriage, but i'm finally there. sure i burn the occasional pot of quinoa, but that's because i have children and children are extremely distracting.

i used to consider popcorn or cereal dinner. i really really did. my grocery budget was like...$35 a month or something ridiculous. i hated cooking.

now? i don't mind it. i especially don't mind it if my gals approve of whatever i've conjured up.

7 | i'm a great driver. i really really am. this was also a task my parents thought i was going to be mediocre at best. they claimed i was a bit airhead-ish. and i was. i still am. but it doesn't affect my driving. i only just recently got my very first speeding ticket for going 15 over. damn. the only thing i hate doing is passing cars. i hate being in the oncoming traffic lane. hate. it.

8 | i was having a tough time coming up with three more...but then my sister reminded me that i have a strong sense of self. and she's right! i stick to my guns. actually...i think some people might say it's a little too strong, but hey. i stand by my convictions.

9 | i'm extremely honest. much so it might be considered honesty to a fault.

10 | i can clean. i'm a great cleaner and i love that about myself. i looove my surroundings to be clean. clean and organized. it gives me a sense of calm and assurance...and almost like i have permission to relax. if my house is getting too out of's a one way ticket to b*tch-ville and i start cleaning like a mad-woman. it's one of the few things that will keep me from completing a workout. i like to think i work myself into so much of a frenzy while cleaning...that it replaces my workout.

okay! that's it. 10 compliments for moi! now it's your turn to get your linkup on.

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