here we are for another round of 10 on Tuesday!

and while i originally thought lists of 10 would be suuuuper easy to come up with, it's actually kind of hard to think of something clever to write each week...especially 10 clever somethings.

regardless...i'll try.

and if you're trying know what to do...  <------ that rhymed.

1 | draft your 10 on Tuesday list. it can be a list about anything. you can explain your list. or you don't have to. it could be your grocery list. your cleaning list. or a list about your top 10 pet peeves. but a list, nonetheless. k? k.

2 | grab the super snazzy button below and insert the HTML code into the HTML section of your blog. this will automatically make that pretty picture a hyperlink so that everyone knows where you're linking up at!

3 | link up below!
my 10 on Tuesday

below i have my top 20 picks (10 for kaye // 10 for sawyer) to get my best gals summer ready! 
from weddings we'll be attending to days at the lake to backyard shenanigans...we'll  they'll be ship shape and looking oh so cute!
not to mention - having a little sale right now. a sale to the tune of 40% off your purchase! so...there's that. just go ahead and use the code HAPPY
can't beat that!