it's my favorite day of the month...for several reasons.

+ one - i don't have to come up with any sort of original content. 

+ two - i get to share fellow bloggers with you all! 

+ three - all three of these ladies have been on the blog at least once before...some twice...some four times! so it's like we know them! they are like that friend that shows up when you thought you had nothing to do...that's what these featured posts are like. super fun - super fresh.

meet my gals!
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+ one - my husband
+ two - my bulldog
+ three - and probably my camera! 

(girl...what about wifi and your laptop? how are you going to blog?!)

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+ one - my husband because he is the most resourceful person i know. he could survive on a deserted island for months, no problem. in fact, he'd probably enjoy it. plus he's cute and a lot of fun to hang out with.

(i'd bring your husband too. it sounds like whoever brings him would make it out alive!)

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+ one - my child
+ two - my husband
+ three - my phone

(ladies...i get it. but what about matches? or a pot to boil water? or a blanket? or know...survival things! let's face it...i'd probably bring my family too.)


that does it! i can't thank the ladies enough for being on the blog today! featuring is the absolute best. it really is. 

and everyone else - don't be shy. show them some love. check out their blogs and social media. it's always worth it!

in other news....

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