the perfect recipe for a successful mother's day brunch? 

champagne upon champagne upon champagne...sprinkled with some delicious food and some pretty great friends.


actually, i do have a complaint. who let me have my third and fourth mimosa? i should have passed because my head is not thanking me today.

yesterday we had some of our nearest and dearest out to the farm and it never disappoints. what's better than celebrating being a mom than watching your kids get hopped up on all the delicious, sugary food and then run a muck around your home...leaving a wake of epic destruction.

(no seriously - my house was unbelievable destroyed. top to bottom, left to right. lot's of clean up to do this monday morning.)

i like to think it's a sign of a good party.

i'm not one to get sentimental...and i'm definitely not one to get sentimental and then write about it, but i can't believe how lucky i am to have two of the most beautiful, charismatic daughters who make me laugh one minute and want to pull my hair out the next. they made me a mom and my adoration for them surpasses any emotion i've ever experienced.

my farmer had my best gals make me a card yesterday and kaye was able to dictate her message to me -

to my special girl, mommy...and i love her. happy balentines!! and i love 
her 'cause she's my best friend. stop writing on my paper and no bad words.

(i guess she didn't want my farmer to write on her card anymore. 
i'm also glad she didn't have any bad words to include. )

sawyer, unfortunately, didn't have much to say this year...maybe 2017. 

regardless - as previously stated. i can confidently say fun was had by all and i'm already looking forward to the luau we started planning for this summer. 

champagne always induces fabulous a pig on a spit. pardon the picture overload.
kaye can absolutely not get enough of her best guy - brody.

actually...she asked him to marry her.

his response - no, i don't marry princesses! hahahaha!

we'll see if he's singing the same tune in 20 years.