oh my mercy. let's chalk this week up to being the fastest week out of all the weeks there have ever been. wow.

i'm floored it's friday.

i'm also floored we are days away from JUNE! that's just wild, friends. june officially launches us into summer...and then it may as well be september (our birthday month), then our best gals will be turning two and four in october...and then it's christmas.

this is what happens when you get old...er. older. time...slip slip slippin'.

so, while i cry about my babies graduating from high school...you should link up.

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my five - 

1 | media kit - ummm...do you have one of these? i've seriously been putting off designing one for...forever. as in...don't make me do it. it just seemed like SO. MUCH. WORK. but guess what?!

it was so. much. work.

you have to gather the perfect pictures. you have to write the copy. and then you have to tie it all together with a catchy design and a pretty little bow. hopefully it will make the company who opens it ooo and ahhh and want to give you all their money. right? right! (or maybe just some rad free things. give me all the free things.)

so, i did all of the above - i gathered the pictures. i wrote the copy. i researched design styles. i designed the layout...and now i have a media kit i can be proud to share. but who do i send it to? eeeee! *nervously sweating

friends - what i'm saying is this - if you're thinking you're ready to make the leap and start working with companies, or maybe you just need a refresh...get yo-self a kit! and guess what...i'd be happy to design one for you. e-mail me and we'll discuss pricing!

2 | netflix - i have a prob...and it's called netflix. netflix will send me little e-mails now saying...oooo, i think you'll like this documentary. and sure enough - i watch it and i love it, and the cycle proceeds. well...they sent me an e-mail last week saying bloodline - season two starts today! this series doesn't disappoint. it's a binge-watcher for sure.

oh...and if you're a fan of orange is the new black - season four is coming out june 17. so as soon as you finish bloodline...your favorite prisoners will be waiting for you.

3 | anthropologie
platter // towels // pouf
cake stand // plate // notecards
towel // pineapple board // throw

they are screeeeeaming summer. am-i-right? i'm right. plus...there are loads of good deals on their site right now! these dishtowels are half off! love that.

i also found these plates...if floral isn't your thang. and this little dish towel would certainly brighten up a kitchen! you can never have too many dishtowels, riiiiight?

4 | my fit-ass - so...on wednesday we went to that gender reveal dinner (where i was right!) and i took a night off from all things healthy. in indulged in spicy lettuce wraps // sushi // cocktails // desserts...plural. don't worry, i wasn't a complete animal. i said no to key lime pie (because key lime pie has got to be the most disgusting dessert ever...glad i got that off my chest).
pretty sure my farmer's eyes are closed. also...if you like my dress, get it here!
friends...i don't recommend eating super super clean for four weeks and then having a night of gluttony. i surely thought i was going to die on wednesday night.

then, i woke up thursday and thought i was sick. i felt like garbage. scratchy throat // little congestion // little achy...just run down. i continued my eating clean // working out, as planned, and wouldn't you know it...i feel absolutely fine this morning. not sick.

moral - that snickers ice cream pie was not worth it.
5 | sunless tanner - you're going to thank me. i have the world's whitest skin. i'm so white i'm practically see through. okay...lie. my sister is actually slightly paler than me. regardless, i snagged some seriously good sunless tanner lotion. it's called st. tropez gradual tan everyday moisturizer. it doesn't disappoint. i put two coats on the night of the dinner and it did wonders. maybe i should do a side by side when my current color wears off. there's no streaking. you don't have to worry about your knees or elbows or ankles or tops of your feet...it's not going to make them a crazy color. it's just good stuff. love it! (they also sell lotion for your face...but that just makes me nervous. you can't put pants on your face.)

okay! now that you're properly shaded - link up time!