friends...i've done it again.

a few posts back i wrote about a little gender-reveal dinner we would be attending this week with some of our very best friends.

well, that night was last night and it didn't disappoint.

let me preface - this post is less about our friends finding out the gender and more about me being RIGHT. AGAIN!

moving on...

not only was the company fantastic (i adore all those people),  but i decided to take the night off from the tone it up challenge and ate all the things.

all. the. things.

that includes a snickers dessert which ended up being a full quarter of an ice cream pie.

have i mentioned i'm preeeeety lactose intolerant? i thought i was dying on the car ride home. and since i'm in the mood to over share - i told my farmer, "babe. if i say pull over. pull over. then forget everything you hear."

luckily...he didn't have to pull over.

so...after appetizers, a couple of drinks, and eating all the food...annie, the mom to be, decided we should go ahead and find out the gender.

there was no piƱata drop. no baloon pop. just a sweet sweet envelope that held the gender neatly inside...and a table full of friends eagerly awaiting the news. it was awesome...and if i can ever get the video to upload you can hear the excitement in my obnoxious voice.

and you guys...IT'S A BOY. boy boy boy.

this absolutely means i was right AGAIN!

here's what i'm saying - if you're less than 20 weeks pregnant and you want to know the gender of your unborn baby, just ask. i'll tell you and i'll be correct. i'm batting a thousand these days.

and see that guy on the left of the picture below - he said it was a girl (he and his wife also just welcomed their second baby - a girl). we bet brunch, so now...he'll be taking us out.

this was really just a ploy on my part to get our families together more...and it worked.

so...a HUGE congratulations to a pair of wonderful parents, annie and jamon. and let's not forget big brother fritz - little brother is on his way!

and for those of you on snap (karli-bell) - i went with the wedges...farmer liked them more.

also - snap is a GREAT resource to get feedback on super serious outfits and such. love that.