today i'm here to ask a little question - how do i stop blogging?

answer - you just do.

i don't know what it is as of recent, but for the past several months i just can't get my act together. the evening will roll around and i have zero things to say.

yep - i totally took pictures that day of my two best gals acting like wild animals and jumping off things, but they aren't beautiful pictures, so why bother posting them. i mean...that's what i'm supposed to be doing, right? everything has to be perfect?

perfect content.
perfect pictures.
perfect color scheme.
perfect layout.

talk about blogging pressure. that's a lot of pressure for a hobby.

i could talk about my working out some more...but i'm already so exhausted from working out i don't want to write about it too.

i could talk about how my flowers are still alive (pats self on back), but that would be the extent of the story.

so maybe i just need to get attacked by a snake again and then bludgeon it to death with the edge of a shovel. that was a pretty decent story to tell...but really...i'd prefer to never have that happen again as long as i live.

what do you do when you're feeling oh so uninspired?

maybe i need to revisit that list i made about blog post ideas for a schlump.

regardless, hang in there with me. i'll be back. probably next month when this damn workout challenge is over and i'm not thinking about working out // what i ate // what i need to eat // what am i going to eat tomorrow.

in the meantime, if you do have advice, help a gal out. where do you turn for inspiration?