friends, never did i think i would say this, but here i am saying it.

i enjoy the task of cooking healthy, delicious meals for my family.

bah! it feels good to get that right off my shrinking chest.

(seriously - i've lost some l-b's and my boobs are FINALLY shrinking.)

as i was saying...

the girls are finally to the age where they will occupy themselves for 20 minutes. that's not to say i don't get pulled away 47 times, but at least i can complete the meal task.

when it was just kaye...and when sawyer was younger - making dinner was a full-blown stress-inducing shit-show. be a fly on our wall would have been quite the treat.

more than once i raised my voice and did the ugly mom // crazy eyes face. not my finest moments.

now that being in the kitchen is a delight i've been getting more adventurous in my meal making.
last night i found a recipe for grilled ahi with wilted spinach. was SO good. not only that, but it was healthy AND it looked impressive once plated. i mean...ahi over wilted spinach topped with avocado and a was good.

the best news - it took less than 20 minutes (because ahi only needs grilled for about two minutes on each side). i also grilled some asparagus and sautéed some scallops. it was all such a treat and my farmer managed to choke it down.

and friends...if you're thinking this easy recipe sounds like it might be your style - make it tonight.
tonight i'll be trying out this bruschetta chicken recipe. i'm always looking for better, more interested ways to make chicken - and of course, i can't be slathering on any sweet baby ray's bbq sauce. i love that this recipe is super simple and only has a few ingredients - ingredients i typically always have on hand.

i'd also love to enjoy the fresh basil it calls for, but the dill in my herb garden got so out of control it choked the life right out of it.
another goal i have in mind to keep us on the healthy track is to eat less meat. i mean...there are other sources of protein out there. (my poor farmer.) i thought this mediterranean quinoa burger recipe sounded perfect. especially for the warmer days approaching.

it's certainly more involved, but worth a shot. and my gals really do like quinoa, so i think this will be a hit with the fam.

and lastly - tacos. give me all the tacos. chicken tacos // shrimp tacos // beef tacos...i love them. can't get enough of them. want to marry them. maybe its because tacos go so well with margaritas. yum. are some of my favorite varieties -

caribbean chicken tacos
shrimp avocados with cilantro lime sauce

roasted chicken tacos with spicy goat cheese queso
anything with queso in the name - count me in.

feel free to follow me on pinterest if you're on the hunt for healthy recipes and you want to get out of your rut! i'm always on the lookout for anything that can be grilled (easy clean up!) and anything that can be made quickly. quick - operative word.

happy june 1! june 1?!