longest week ever? sure felt like it...those four day work weeks really drag on...even though i don't work.

errr...i work from home.

errr...i'm a work from home mom?


the week dragged on and on and on. maybe it's all the working out. and the constant nag that i need to think about my next meal? and that i work out and then realize i'm just going to work out again, so why the eff bother getting any sort of shower or clean clothes on.

bottom line - i'm a treat to be around and i stink.

let's talk again in two and a half weeks. i swear i'll be nicer.

so, while i'm working on my attitude adjustment...

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my five - 

let's see...i have less than a five and more of a one. one project i'm working on for a post coming up. but i'm loving it so so much i just have to share. i mean...a blog details what you spend your time doing...and this is what i'm doing - POPCORN.

so...i'm working on this project and i decided to host a little movie night for my best gals and amy's boys.

there really is nothing better than getting kids hopped up on some popcorn and sweet treats and then asking them to sit still for a movie.

but it's these special moments that are life...right?

anyway, i thought it would be extra special if i made a little invite and some food labels...less for the kids and more for the photography of it all.

ie. i have too much time on my hands? sure doesn't feel like it. oh wait...it's 5 am.

i'll just go ahead and list five reasons i love popcorn so so much - 

1 | you can eat a lot of it with not a lot of calories. it's practically a health food.

2 | you can put tasty treats with popcorn - sweet and salty just can't be beat.

3 | you can use popcorn as a meal replacement. and i have. i would gladly forgo dinner most days to replace it with dinner.

4 | it's a family favorite. i have yet, in all my days, to meet a person who doesn't like popcorn. my best gals? it's their favorite food and it's a huge hit on road trips. i make a big batch on the stove with a little olive oil and sea salt...yum.

5 | popcorn is so very versatile! i've seen it at the movie theater, birthday parties, weddings, field trips...and movie nights at home.

popcorn. thank god for you.

and thank god for you for linking up!