let's start this post off by admitting i'm an intense control freak.

i didn't used to be this way (i think). or maybe i always had a little bit of it, but then i remember it specifically peaking when i was planning our wedding. then it subsided after the fact...and then it reared it's ugly head again when i had kaye.

it's certainly gotten better as kaye and sawyer wear me out, but i try my best.

i'm all about keeping tabs on the foods they put in their bodies and the hours of sleep they get each 24 hour period...and i really do care about whether or not their shoes match their outfits.

newsflash - this drives my farmer (and probably others) insane. and it drives me insane when he tells me to not worry about it. but let's get back on topic...

for father's day this year we decided to head up to our favorite vacation town, mccall, idaho. the weather was supposed to be fantastic...and it's right before their insane 4th of july weekend festivities so everything should be relatively calm. and it was.

i had made up my mind that for this father's day weekend i was going to be easy breezy. i wasn't going to worry about sugar consumption (too much) and i definitely wasn't going to stress about naps and bedtimes.

uhhh...another newsflash - i'm here to report on monday morning that everyone survived. the girls were awesome. and wouldn't you know it...everyone had the very best weekend. not to mention we weren't strapped down with having to head back to the house for three hours every day so sawyer could get her midday nap.

i know - you all must think i'm insane that this was a discovery for me, but it really was!

don't get me wrong - we still had some tantrums and the girls will probably refuse to eat my cooking once we get home, but it made for such a relaxing and fun-filled weekend.

on friday kaye and i drove up separately. on our way - we stopped off in boise at one of our favorite shops to pick out a father's day present. unfortunately, i had left my farmer's real gift at home and there was no way i was going to drive an hour backwards to get it. he'll get that gift once we get back to the farm.

but i was able to snag him a t-shirt (farmer is a big t-shirt hoarder), but most importantly, the shop wrapped it in this darling idaho paper.

i also picked this card out for my best guy because really, it suits him so so well. what with his axe use and all. wait...no. i wish it was a picture of a farmer and some little tractors.

by the time we had finished gymnastics, food shopping, and shopping for a father's day present, my gal was over it.

once we made it up to mccall we didn't stop going.

between the biking, beers, golfing, going to the playground, and eating at a restaurant with the loveliest view...

- i really hope my farmer had the very best father's day. he even managed to sneak away to hang out with some friends who also happened to be in mccall for the weekend.

i know it seems crazy - but getting my farmer off the farm and hanging out with friends is a rarity. as much as he'd love to (he's a social butterfly), he just doesn't have the time. he really is the hardest worker.

and the best dad.

and his gals adore him.

and i love him.

happy father's day, babe.