here's the thing. i've written over 750 blog posts.


that's just insane. my blog has almost one million views. that's a lot of views. (in my world.)

but you know what i don't know? i don't know how to keep it fresh. i feel like i'm saying the same things over and over and over. 

hi! i workout. ooo...i had a great run! hey! check out this recipe. ugh. sawyer is such a sass. yay! kaye is wild!

riiiight? same shiz. different day. 

and ever since i started my little branding and design biz it seems like all my creative juices are being sucked right out of me. there's nothing left over for the blog.

or maybe it means that i'm spending more time doing my work and less time following my children around with a camera? #momguilt

or...OR...maybe it means i just need to have another baby so i can document the pregnancy. and then once i have that baby, throw in the towel, because i SURELY won't have time for this space if that were to happen.

moving on...

a few days a go a fellow blogger (laura of tiny toes, little nose) brought up that she was feeling uninspired in the blog world. (amen.)

all of a sudden, it seems like everyone is really wanting to monetize their included! every day i'm hustlin' hustlin'

so now, it seems like a lot of blogs are less about every day happenings and enjoyable, easy reads we can all relate to...and more about buy this product // make money doing this // take this course // blah blah blah.

so as i was saying - laura asked the question (and i paraphrase) - which blogs do you find inspiring?

i thought this to be such a good idea! in the comments below, please share!

share your - 
  • favorite daily reads
  • favorite types of blog reads
  • favorite instagrammers
share why these web spaces are killing it...and then we can copy them and kill it too.

speaking of killing it // inspiring - i found this awesome GIF tutorial here!

oh! and one more thing! we have a new summer themed oh hey, friday button...and it's so so cute, if i do say so myself! snag your button below and i hope we'll see your post all linked up tomorrow!