i've been talking about my two best gals sharing a room since before we had kaye.

(my farmer and i knew we were going to have girls even before i was pregnant with kaye. we just knew...)

my sister and i shared a room from the moment i was born until she moved out for college when i was 16.

now when i reflect on sharing a room with my sister - it was the hardest and very best things about my childhood. obviously, at that tender age i didn't realize any of the lessons i was learning along the way, but most importantly, it bonded us together. not to say this wouldn't have happened had we had our own rooms, but, this is how it worked out for us.

we played, fought, yelled, wrestled, decorated, imagined, studied, rearranged, tackled (seriously...we were very physical fighters) - all in that room. when kelli moved out it was the very best day. it was a big room and it was all mine. i didn't realize in that moment that my best friend and i would never share a room again. it was such a valuable experience, as soon as sawyer was born, i knew putting kaye and saywer together was the way to go.


obviously i've been thinking about how i wanted to pull their room together...i mean, i've talked about it here enough. and after i finished kaye's room and realized it was a freaking circus in there with all the colors (see that post here)...i knew i wanted to tone it down.

the biggest bummer was when i realized i wasn't going to be able to get another quilt like kaye's current quilt. i just adore that quilt and of course, anthropologie doesn't sell it anymore.

hey! does anybody want that quilt? it's a twin size. i'll sell it to you for $150 + two shams. (see the set in the pictures in this post.)

actually...i'll probably be doing an entire post on some goodies i'll need to get rid of when i bring the girls together in the next few months. some shelving, baskets...not to mention a changing table and a gorgeous crib. but the furniture we'll just sell locally.

anyway, below are the pieces i've gathered. i think i'm going to get those goodies put in the room and then see where i'm at. i don't want to overwhelm the room like i did with kaye's space. i can't believe she's able to fall asleep each night with those diagonal stripes.
i think i'll need to source a floor lamp, and i want to buy a new slip cover for a chair we currently have in sawyer's room...but do i really put white fabric furniture in a child's room? is that crazy?

what else is missing? what am i forgetting?

happy monday. the girls and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a slip 'n slide.

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