browsing | i'm constantly browsing for logo inspiration on pinterest these days. thus begins the rabbit whole of finding a logo i like which leads to finding color palettes which leads to patterns and textures which leads to singular's such a mess. pinterest - you will be the death of me.

i've also spent way too much time on rent the runway lately. i've been on the hunt for a dress for a wedding and have found nothing. i'll probably end up buying something and hemming it inappropriately short.

wearing | pj's...and they feel so good. the gals and i spent most of the day at the pool and by the time we were done my skin was sooooo dried out. my shower and pj's felt dreamy as soon as we got home.

watching | i am jazz. i've never seen this show, but somehow got sucked in. what i really want to do is go upstairs and read voyager.

wishing i'm so wishing i hadn't eaten two slices of pizza for dinner. my high school reunion is on friday and i just wanted to feel my best. i know a pizza meal did absolutely nothing to change my physique, but, head games people. i'm the worst...or the best at them.

disturbed about | the conversation i had yesterday with two pro-trump men. i would have paid money to hear our discussion...just to be a little fly on the wall. you guys. i just cannot believe...i just want to say...i just... (insert sad emoticon face.)

sipping on | pellegrino. give me all the sparkling water...nothing with flavor. just the plain stuff. anything with flavor makes my teeth feel like they are fuzzy or something.

wondering | i wonder if i would survive shopping a nordstrom sale? friends...don't faint, but i can't shop at department stores. i get all antsy and overwhelmed, and nervous, and sweaty. it's a terrible thing. i can barely handle visiting a department store website. there's just. so. much.

looking forward to | so many things to look forward to...
1. high school reunion. oh wait...not really looking forward to that. no no no. i am. it'll be great to see so many people i haven't seen in 15 years! 15 years...that's longer than the amount of time we went to school together.

2. in just a few weeks my sister and her little family will be back in idaho and we'll all be back in mccall.

3. my friend's birthday is right around the corner and she's rented a party bus to take us on a local winery tour. super jazzed.

4. speaking of birthdays...i guess it's time to start counting down to my birthday (and my farmer's). i's less than two months away! which kaye and my sawyer will be turning 2 and 4 in about three months. dear god...where did the last four years go?

working on right now i'm working with an interior designer on a little branding package. she went for a perfectly simple // classic // timeless style...something i've been wanting to do so i can add it to my portfolio. speaking of portfolio...i have GOT to find time to work on mine. it's in shambles right now.

nervous about | our drive home from mccall. any time i take the girls on a road trip that's longer than an hour i feel like i'm on the verge of going into battle. i get everything prepped and ready a day in advance. i line up all my tools - movies // binkies // blankies // snacks. i plot my stops along the way. timing has to be perfect so i don't hit traffic. it's quite the process...but the trip from mccall to the farm is 3+ hours and i'd really prefer to NOT be miserable.

any road trip secrets to success you're harboring? share them here. thank you so much in advance!

see you back here tomorrow for oh hey, friday!