i'm telling you...

yesterday / yesterday i had to tell kaye to not chew on her flip flop...twice. she thought it was hysterical. i dry heaved.

laughing about / the other night we had leftovers. i had some grilled chicken. kaye looked at me and said, "did someone poop in your dinner?"

wish me luck / see that face. you guys - she's giving me an almighty run for my money. hands on hips - frown on lips.

trying to decide / my farmer and i have been invited to go to mexico this summer with some friends. but i also REALLY want to take kaye to disneyland in october. can't we do both? maybe...

property update / my farmer built a house for me on the top of a hill. the only problem...so much dirt. that's to be expected on a farm. we built the house with intentions of building a garage soon after. well...six years later...no garage. we also haven't had any stairs that go from our upper level down to our backyard. but, on thursday we have concrete being poured! stairs and a foundation for our garage. and if i could...i'd have them pave our entire mile long driveway. one can dream.

feeling / tired. so so tired. i need 27 hours in a day so i can sleep those extra three. i'd even settle for one extra hour.

frustrated with / my damn sweet tooth. it's like i can't even have a chocolate chip in the house. we went to dinner with friends the other night and we ordered this - a $40 flaming chocolate something or other. granted...the four of us shared it, but i ate more than my fair share.

worried about / my knee! i've had surgery on my left knee twice (about 13 years ago). ever since then i've been super lucky with no problems or pain. well, the other day i was sitting on the floor with kaye playing some crazy doctor game - my legs were crossed. when i went to uncross them my knee locked up. i couldn't straighten it. it was completely frozen. i sat there on the verge of tears while kaye was trying to jump on my back. it eventually released, but now it's achy and sore after i run. not good.

sad about / my poor, sweet kaye. she was being her wild self and jumped from her bed to a pile of blankets on the floor. something she's done 2 million times before. well...this last time didn't go her way. i wasn't there, but she somehow managed to bash her face on the foot of her bed. it's fabric and padded...but from the way her face looks you would have thought she was hit with a baseball bat. there was lots of blood and tears and wailing. but she was so tough and now she's so swollen. her black eye hasn't shown up yet, but i fear it's on the verge.

wearing / my running clothes. because why should i let a bad knee stop me? (poor decision making.)

excited for / my farmer's birthday! his birthday is four days before mine and i have thought of the very best idea. it's going to be a total surprise. and that way it gives him four days to think of something equally as good. right? or should i be doing this out of the goodness of my heart?

bring it on / fall and cold weather. i can't wait! the nights have been cooling off. the days are still hot hot. not only that, but it's been getting noticeibly darker earlier - no more sun shining at 10:30 pm. mostly i'm excited to change over my clothing. and by that i mean i probably need to buy some new activewear.

speaking of / i just ordered this and this. it's my birthday month (on thursday!) so it's totally okay.

please send all birthday presents to the farm. kidding kidding.

happy tuesday.