i'm back - two days in a row. that's a pretty big deal. but when i'm talking about fellow mama business owners i like to share and show all the love. 

love love love. 

plus i'm positioning my two best gals to be able to date katie's boys here in 20 years. (and not a moment earlier. i mean - 24 and 22 are super great ages to start the dating game, right?)

anyway...yesterday i shared all about my little model, kaye. when we went out for her photo shoot to feature her Little Mango outfit i was expecting tears, frustration, babbling...all from me. you see...my family unit HATES the camera. that's why i keep insisting they are trying to sabotage my #bloggoals.
but you can see from yesterday's post - kaye totally rocked it! my best gal! she was happy to put the clothes on. she picked out her shoes. she even let me put the headband on her. you should have seen my face as she happily agreed to each of my requests. apparently she likes Little Mango goodies as much as I do.
but let's rewind to a few days prior when i took sawyer out for her moment in the spotlight. i dodged a few hits, slaps...and i think she even tried to bite me. don't get me wrong...i know she loved the clothes. and even if she didn't...i LOVED the clothes...and that's really what's important here. 
can we talk about the sequin booty shorts? oh mercy. sequin booty shorts on baby thighs all day errr day.

a note to my second born - sawyer. embrace those booty shorts that make your derrière sparkle and shine. your window to pull those off is closing.
regardless...i gave her my iphone and a binkie and placed her in the middle of a dirt patch on our property and started snapping away. my game plan was strong and to only have closeup shots of her thighs or body shots of her back. through her tears she really had no idea what was going on. 
35 seconds later she had a snack and was back in my arms. 

i'm not sure if that's a testament to her modeling skills and effortlessness in front of the camera...or me. whatever the case - i could eat her thighs. 

things just got weird. 

mission accomplished. 
so, while i'm eating my youngest gal's thighs...i'll also be doing a bit more shopping - Little Mango style. and you should too!

you can follow Little Mango on all their social media outlets! do it for the cuteness. do it for the inspiration. do it to support a fellow mama small business owner!

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