happy dentist day!

that's right. today we have dentist appointments over here. i'll be taking both my very best gals to the dentist - kaye and i will be getting our teeth cleaned and i have no clue how i'm going to handle sawyer while this is happening...or at least while i'm in the chair.

kaye has asked me every day for two weeks if she has a cavity. i diligently look each time and tell her, "i don't see any, but the dentist will tell us for sure." i think she's a little freaked out. no clue why since she adores going to our pediatrician...and she gets shots there, soooo...

personally? i loooooove the dentist. love love love. i'm not sure he loves me. not the best flosser over here - especially since i had my braces and they put two permanent retainers in a two years ago. meh...i guess the hygienist will really have to earn her mula today.

that's not why we're here today.
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today i'm sharing a cute little party suite i had the pleasure of putting together. the sweet mama to be is having TWINS! a boy and a girl. gah...twins. how fun is that. and by fun i mean that would be a ton of work. but fun...right?
it's the first project Wink & Ink has had the pleasure of working on...and we received another baby custom shower invite yesterday...fall babies are so hot right now. 
so you know...if you're in the market and all...just keep sweet, little Wink & Ink in mind!

happy thursday. wish us luck at the dentist!

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