poof. another friday is here. just like that.

it's been a crazy week of appointments...all for me. i've never had so many appointments in my life. i've always prided myself as being super lucky in the health department. there was certainly about a five year period after college when i went without health insurance and not once did i need to visit the doctor.

lucky. super lucky.

well...all that's changed. before i dive into that bizz, you do your bizz...

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my five - 

1 | gluten...say it isn't so

you guys. i think i may have a pretty severe intolerance to gluten. my body does not like it anymore...and hasn't for the past four years. at least that's when i can pinpoint my issues starting. anyway...without getting too detailed...i had a visit with a gastro blah blah blah (gastroenterologist) and discussed my symptoms. they basically want to send me straight to a colonoscopy and i was like...whoa whoa whoa. pump the brakes. i went home, did some reading, and as it turns out gluten can be pretty big factor as can two of my favorite things - carbonated drinks (i drink sparkling water every day, all day) and popcorn. POPCORN!! you've got to be kidding me. i about fainted when i read that. so...i cut those three things out for the past three days and i'm already seeing big changes for the better. maybe no colonoscopy is in my future? crossing my fingers.

2 | our first dentist visit

in addition to the gastroenterologist kaye also accompanied me to my physical therapy for my elbow, my elbow x-rays at a different office and the dentist.

kaye had her first dentist visit and i was that super stupid proud mom that clapped and said yay and look at my baby being so amazing by just laying there. and of course, not biting the dentist or hygienist. there was a moment when the hygienist poked her (i think kaye moved) and kaye jumped and her little chin immediately began to quiver. she looked at me with tears in her eyes and she seemed scared. the hygienist jumped up and grabbed the toy basket...this wasn't her first rodeo. kaye immediately felt better and finished the process.

now i have to break it to her that one of her sweet, little teeth has a little cavity and she'll need a filling. poor gal.

3 | par-tay

oh mercy. i'm getting too old for this bizz. the farmer and i headed to boise last weekend for a 40th birthday party of one of our dear friends. the theme was "white"...as in you had to wear white. naturally i turned to rent the runway and snagged myself a dress. i'm a third time renter and was not disappointed! i was super happy with my white rental until i ate six cakepops and three cupcake toppers (i like the frosting...not necessarily the cake)...and cocktails mixed in there too. that's when white goes from classic and clean to...bloaty mc bloatserstein. not cute.

4 | kaye

don't get me started. i already told you how amazing she was at the dentist. i wrote about her amazingness on monday (see that post here). but then the rest of the week she had to go and be all perfect. i'm telling you...four years old is the best. four year olds are super funny, great communicators (read - overly communicative in kaye's instance), you can take them places without fear of absolutely freaking the eff-word out (read - sawyer)...it's really been the best. as much as i don't want sawyer to grow up...i do if she'll be like kaye.

i mean...just check out these little corals kaye and i built. only to find out later she opened my phone and snapped some pictures. love that.

5 | looking forward to...

october!! october is another big birthday month around here - both kaye and sawyer were born at the end of the month. we were going to surprise them with a trip to disneyland but then i had to go and break my elbow and i'll be out for another three weeks at least. and how much fun could disneyland be with a broken elbow? lame. after all - disneyland is all about the adults, right? i joke.

before i forget - does anyone have some good gift ideas for a four year old gal? kaye is very into pretending and making up story lines and basically anything that comes with a million pieces to play with. double bonus for you if you recommend something both girls can play with together!

october is also a huge harvest month for us - with both our last cutting of hay as well as all of our corn. i can't wait for our farmer to dot the i's and cross the t's so he can get a break...and maybe we can road trip somewhere. he's probably also super jazzed i'm not having a baby right in the middle of harvest time. yay.

october also brings in much cooler weather, all things warm / cozy / spicy...and i just can't wait.

happiest of friday's friends!