i know i know! i'm a follower.

the only thing fall you won't catch me talking about is a pumpkin spice latte. i'm not sure why - but anything pumpkin in beverage form makes me sick to my stomach. that...and egg nog. eh no. no thanks.

but what i can get on board with are pumpkins growing in my garden, fall planters with mums, printables and...house projects.

fall / winter usually means house projects here on the farm. mostly because it's not one trillion degrees outside anymore, but also because my farmer's workload is FINALLY slowing down...a tiny tiny bit. it's that magical moment between our last cutting of alfalfa and corn harvest.

and so...we have some concrete being poured in a few hours for not only the stairs that go down to our backyard...but also that garage i've been lusting after. (when your husband has hoarding tendencies...a garage is a must. and when i say hoarding...i'm serious. we have a ski lift, school bus, countless trailers, ski and snowboarding equipment for various shapes and sizes, and the list goes on. i mean...if we didn't live on 3000 acres we could qualify to be on one of those hoarding - buried alive shows.)

so, while my farmer deals with the heavy lifting projects, i got busy making things a little bit prettier.

yesterday the gals and i stopped by a local nursery and picked up some plants for our planters. and checked out ground covering for our flower beds. i'd really love to do a really rich-looking, dark dirt...but with the way the wind blows out here it will just get blown away and look like garbage after a few months. i think we'll have to go with a black, tumbled rock.
inside, i decided after five years i was tired of the dark color in our kitchen. i'm not even sure what you would call the color...dark grey/brown/moss? and so...i went with the hottest new color trend...uh...white. you see...after we put up our carerra marble backsplash it made our off white cabinetry look yellow. my hope is once it's all finished and i get one more coat put on...and finally get my hands on a ladder we'll have one of those beautiful bright kitchens i'm seeing all over pinterest.

oh...and then there's going to be that task of convincing my farmer we totally need to trash our current quartz countertops and trade those out for something lighter and brighter and whiter...too. #notgonnahappen
one more little fall detail i wanted to share - i printed out my favorite little printable (found here). she has four of them on her site for each season...and i think they are just the cutest.
now i'm just a candle scent away of being fully in fall-mode...oh...and just 12 more days until my birthday. eh-hum...farmer...i birthed two beautiful children for you...cough cough.