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It’s no secret here at Sept. Farm - I’m kind of a little enthusiastic about running, working out, and generally living a healthy lifestyle. Truly, this is because I also looooove to eat really delicious desserts and drink really delightful cocktails. Basically, I have to keep my fitness and meals in check if I want to keep my wardrobe. 

But on a more serious note...my healthy lifestyle stems from a not so healthy lifestyle I lived not so long ago. Enter me - in college - 20 pounds heavier. 

I was an athlete in high school...or at least I participated on athletic teams. This meant I was active all year long and didn’t really have to think about diet, and I was getting plenty of exercise. 

When I started college I found myself with an unlimited meal ticket that got me all the desserts I wanted...and no motivation to go to the gym to work out. I was introduced to Smirnoff Ice and late late nights. My world was basically 180º different than what it had been just three months prior. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to gain 20 pounds. I was actually pretty lucky that’s all I put on.

Fast forward five years and I found myself dating someone who was taking me rock climbing and river rafting and mountain biking and camping. I was hooked on fitness...and also 20 pounds lighter. 
That guy also happened to be the farmer I ended up marrying. Now that we have our two best gals in tow (2 and 4 years old) I find myself thrilled to set a good example for them every day. I want to feel my best so I can be the best for them. Makes total sense, right? 

So...today I’ll be sharing five things I do every single day to help me feel my best.

1 | Wake up early! I loooove waking up early. My alarm goes off at 5 am and I jump out of bed. Hear me out - I jump out of bed because I so so so look forward to the calm darkness of the morning when I can enjoy one or two cups of HOT coffee and not have to get a banana or change a diaper or get in a teepee or tell Sawyer to stop beating up her big sister. I cherish my early mornings. Not only do I drink coffee, but I also answer client e-mails, work on designs, send out revisions, and spend a healthy amount of time on Pinterest getting Pin-spired.
2 | Work out! Friends...working out is good for the soul. I usually get about 20 minutes of my workout in right when the girls wake up and they’re playing on the living room floor with dolls or Magnaformers or maybe they’re even working out with me! Truly...the other day Kaye and Sawyer, both, were rocking the yoga poses and I couldn’t have been happier or more proud.
3 | After my workout I enjoy one of several of my favorite smoothies. Along with a smoothie I always take my shot of apple cider vinegar (yes...I’m crazy and convinced it works.
So - first comes smoothie, then ACV, and finally...the vitamin

Recently I read a whole thing about how biotin is an awesome supplement for your hair, skin, and nails. And since my hair needs all the help it can get I said, “Count me in for some of that.” I’ve tried it in two forms - Pill (about a year ago) and gummy vitamin. 

Give me that gummy vitamin a million times over. Sundown Naturals® makes a Biotin Gummy Vitamin and I feel like I won the vitamin lottery. The only downside is you’re only supposed to take one a day...and I’d like to pop them like M&M’s. And I probably could considering they’re free of dairy and lactose (big no no for me) and gluten and wheat◊.

I found my Sundown Naturals® Adult Biotin Gummies at Walmart and the selection of vitamins they have on hand is wonderful!
4 | Plan our dinner. I’m so good with breakfast, snacks, and lunch. It’s easy to eat healthy and have quick things to grab for those meals. Dinner is a different story. When it comes time to make dinner I’m usually tired and spent and just want to sit. “Fend for yourselves, girls!” But...I’ve found that if I’ve set out a protein or even prepped some of the goodies earlier in the day...making the meal instead of grabbing a box of macaroni and cheese is far more appealing. Plan dinner...check!
5 | Early to bed. Sleep...enough sleep is so essential to function. And if you’re waking at 5 am every day you’re probably dozing off during bedtime stories with your kids. Or is that just me? So...as soon as my gals are in dreamland (usually by 8pm at the latest) I’m starting my nighttime routine as well. Prep the coffee, wash the face, answer final e-mails, maybe write a blog post, and fall asleep reading. Probably some drool involved in there.

Those five things - You’ll find me doing them each and every single day. 

I’m a creature of habit. 

I encourage any and all to strive for a healthy and active lifestyle. And one of the ways you can support that is by taking a delicious Sundown Naturals® Gummy Vitamin every day! Sundown Naturals® makes way more than just a vitamin supporting healthy skin and hair...And, you can take a quiz to see which gummy vitamin matches your needs! Take the quiz here!
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