in my nearly four years as a mom i've learned a thing or four...

1. confirmed - i can take a lot of crying...broken up throughout the day. fact...45 minutes of straight crying is my limit.

sawyer - it's not my fault you skipped your nap...and then decided to fall asleep for 20 minutes at 4 pm. maybe you'll remember that for tomorrow.

reflecting back - she was so sleepy. so sad. she wanted cuddles. she didn't want cuddles. she was hungry, she wasn't hungry. she was just so darn out of whack she didn't know what she needed or didn't need. so she cried. maybe i've been guilty of this same type of crying a time or two. i'm nearly positive it was when i was pregnant with kaye. i cried at least twice a week my entire pregnancy. that has to be a medical condition. when i was pregnant with sawyer? next to no tears. so strange.

2. confirmed - i'm not the mom of those kids you can just haul around with you all day long to all your different appointments. i mean...i can to a point. but today when we hit our last stop - the post office - and i was addressing the envelope and the gals were quietly playing with the greeting cards on display and the postman had the audacity to say, "ma'am...your kids are touching the greeting cards."

if looks could kill, friends. if looks. could. kill. i'm generally a pretty nice person...but this guy caught me in the wrong moment. #1 - he's lucky my kids weren't screaming and going ape-sh*t around his post office. i've seen it happen to other moms. not pretty. #2 - he's lucky all i said was, "i think they are doing just fine." #3 - he's lucky i took three deep breaths after that.

3. confirmed - family picture prep is hot underway. it has got to be one of the most annoying, unnecessary, necessaries of life. i know we don't need them...but i want them. i want them to hang in our frames. i want them to hand out to family. i want them for years from now so i can look back at my sweet sweet gals and wonder why they aren't so sweet sweet anymore. but the prep. the prep is not fun. what are they going to wear? not too matchy. what am i going to wear? i can't make my farmer wear a brown sweater again this year. is it going to be cold? rainy? windy? all of the above. it's just the worst. (but if we get some pictures like last year...i won't be disappointed.)

4. confirmed - nothing makes my heart happier than when i see my two best gals playing with each other. last night, after sawyer finally stopped crying and hitting and being completely irrational, kaye was combing her hair. (bless those wiry curls.) sawyer decided she needed her hair combed as well...

she plopped down in kaye's lap and kaye got busy. then kaye stood up and showed sawyer how to flip her hair over and shake it out. (i have no idea where kaye got this as it's not something in my beauty routine.) this went on for the next 15 minutes - just the sweetest sister moment.

happy hump day. i think i'll start with another cup of coffee.