funny story - our farmer's parents are on the is our farmer's sister, visiting from portland. what this means is - i no longer exist. kaye decided three days ago that she had two new best friends and she was no longer going to acknowledge my presence.

mommy = who's that?

when i asked to sit next to her at dinner she said - "you're just really buggin' me."

and i was bug me all the time but the more you play hard to get the more i want to hug and kiss and cuddle.

this gal plays hard to get better than her farmer did. good lord.

all this to say - it's left me ample time to work on a few projects over the weekend.

project #1 - sally's sweets

sally wrote me after seeing some of my work shared by another client. she's starting up a dessert and ice cream truck. the sad part of the story - our visions didn't match up. she wanted something much more clip art / vintage video game style of design is far more simplistic. i told sally this from the start and that i didn't think it would be good for me to work on her project. however...the next morning (after a dream...yeah...i dream about designing logos. it's a problem) i gave it a shot. even though sally hadn't formally hired me (and i didn't think she should) i wanted to send her something in hopes she would reconsider her direction. i tried to marry our ideas together. long story longer...this little design ended up on the cutting room floor. meh...that's how it goes.

to give you a clear picture - this was what was sent to me as inspiration...

see. pretty clear my style was a lot different from the style she was going for.

but as i said before - i wanted to give it a shot. so, i sent her some of my ideas. the color palette could easily be changed...but it didn't go.

sally is probably super thankful she didn't hire me!

project #2 - lemonade invitation

how fun! a sweet little gal is turning four in october...just like my kaye. the theme is lemonade stand. i'll also be making corresponding favor tags and the mom, julie (who makes custom cookies), will be making matching cookies for the event. how cute is that?! love it.
all this to say (as usual) - if you find yourself in need of design work don't forget about Karli Bell Branding & Design  or Wink & Ink! i'd just love to help you out!