browsing | why am i still looking up unicorn party decor? uhhh...the party is on saturday and i have zero intention of overnight shipping something. seriously.

i'm also on the hunt for a great indoor / outdoor rug for our mudroom. it's never going to happen.

we need a new rug for our kitchen too. it's a high-traffic area. i want something neutral but with personality. is that even a possibility? i found a rug i really like...but it's $11,000. (granted - it's vintage and way too big for the space...but $11k? good lord.)

wearing | pj's...and they feel so good. uh...yesterday was insane. first i worked. then i worked out. then kaye and i went for a 1.5 mile run (she's so good! she loooooves when i chase her. she says, "stop mommy. now close your eyes." by the time i open them she's 25 yards away and then i have to chase her down and she giggles the whole time. i looooove that gal.)

after our little run my dad showed up and we did phase two of our landscaping. we were so busy working i didn't take any pictures...yet. i'll snap some today and share tomorrow.

after that i rushed to the airport and picked up my sister and niece. yay! the three cousins played together until nearly 10 pm and hearing them giggle the entire time was the sweetest.

watching | nothing these days! i've been so busy with work and the gals...i'm lucky if i catch a few minutes of tarzan or dumbo. sawyer is obsessed with dumbo and requests it every morning.

wishing i wish i didn't have to go to the store again tomorrow. but - party food. does anyone else hate grocery shopping? i guess fred meyer's has an option where you can just pull up and pick up groceries you've ordered online...but i have yet to try it. #lifegoals

life goal is to become organized enough that i can first make a list / second pre-order online / third pick up at store. i'll gladly pay the $5 fee if it means i don't have to unload the girls and then tell them "no, we can't get that," every 35 seconds.

also wishing | the party would magically decorate itself. luckily - my sister is here. she's good at that stuff. time to put her to work.

sipping on | glorious glorious strooooong coffee. it's okay if it's so strong it makes me a little dizzy if i drink it on an empty stomach...right?

craving | all the sweets. what is wrong with me? yesterday i finished off a tub of frosting that was meant for the cakepops for the party. luckily i bought three tubs knowing either my farmer or me or both would get into it. #partyprobs

looking forward to | this party on saturday. then i can mark it off the list! but two best gals are two and four and i am just shocked that that's even a possibility.

working on several projects...but mostly i'm just trying to get more goodies into the Wink & Ink etsy shop. i also need to finish up the Wink & Ink website so i can add it to my branding & design portfolio.

not looking forward to | working out. always working out. i know it needs to happen. i feel SO much better every single time i do it...i just don't want to. anyone else in this boat? it seems like i'm either all in or i need a three month break from all things fitness.

luckily...i think my elbow is better. i haven't had any final x-rays, but i've been lifting some light weights and i did some planks yesterday (but mostly leaned on my right arm). my sad little left elbow is feeling much better. i don't have full extension in it yet. i wonder if that's something i'll ever get?


see you back here tomorrow for oh hey, friday!