well hello there memory lane.

there's nothing like a birthday to help you reflect on the past few years...and what a blur those have been.

bye bye 2014 - 2016. super great time...i think? can't remember.

but what i can remember is that my sawyer-muff had her second birthday yesterday.

that's right - she's two. so for six days i get to play mom to a two and three year old and feel pretty cool about it.

and by cool i mean - i'm thanking my lucky stars that sawyer and i made i through this last year.

sawyer - you are the sassiest little beast there ever was. but wait...you're also the sweetest. how is that all balled up into one petite gal?

and really - you are petite. at this age your sister was wearing a size eight in shoes and a four in clothing. you just graduated out of 18 - 12 month shoes and you wear a size two.

when i pulled out your sister's size 2 clothing bin to hand them down to you...there were hardly any clothes. that's because your sister skipped size 2 and 3 and went straight into being giant.

but you, my little gal, can be held in your dad's arms and still look like a little muffin-baby. and by the way - your dad's arms is your very most favorite place - 1000%. he picks you up and you go into cuddle-mode with your head on his shoulder...every time. honestly...you start to drool, usually. it's like you just go limp and relaxed and you're throwing in the towel for the day.

except you don't throw in the towel. you usually scream at me a few more times because i look at you or talk to you or make a gesture like i'm going to touch you. and by scream i don't mean long wales. just a short burst of noise at the top of your lungs.

your farmer's parents have taken to calling you a little badger. it's not far off.

to recap - you're kind of small (in comparison to your sister) and you only have love for your dad.

oh wait! that's a total lie.

this month you've decided that your sister is THE FUNNIEST person on the planet. she makes you laugh and laugh and laugh. and girl - you have a GREAT laugh. i could listen to your giggle all day...it's completely contagious.

your sister and you have been paling around most of the day these past few weeks. you'll play upstairs, then downstairs, then decide you want to give each other 25 hugs in a row, then you'll scream at her, i'll break up a fight, then you'll hang out with me for two minutes and then decide kaye is way better and go back downstairs.

so, bitty. yes...we still call you bitty. you're two now so we should probably start with that potty training. uh..yeah right. you're totally not even close to being interested. kaye was almost 2 1/2...so i'll give you a few more months. but my goal is before then, okay? let's get this thing nailed down. as much as i looooove picking out the prints on your diapers (they really are so cute) i'd love to get that mula back each month.

what else, girlfriend?


things you love - your farmer, putting on your own shoes,  showering, your sister, dumbo...you adore dumbo, and babies...both real and fake.

dislikes - your mom...most of the time, sitting down for dinner, not being carried by your farmer

height / weight - we haven't done anything official, but i think you're about 22 pounds and about 28 inches tall.

food - you love noodles, milk, oatmeal, bananas...and if we catch you on a good night you'll devour anything i've made for dinner.

fits - oh gal...you throw some great fits. this usually lands you in time out where we tell you to stay until you can be a good girl. you've since decided that your alter ego "woofie" is a "good puppy" and you usually crawl out of your room saying woof! woof! in the sweetest, little voice.

our farmer said it best - i don't always like sawyer - but woofie - that's a nice dog.

and it's true. woofie is welcome in our home any time.

happy two years bitty / sawyer / woofie. we adore your spitfire personality, your tiny jumps (you're not the best jumper, but you're getting better), your infectious laugh, and your ability to cuddle. you are the cuddliest cuddle bear there ever was...especially after showers...when we call you shiny baby. you loooooove being called shiny baby.