hi friends!

so...if you've been reading for any length of time...or even the past week, you know that about a year ago i started Karli Bell Branding & Design.

it's been more successful than i ever imagined. i set a goal and within the first three months it was surpassed. i set a new goal - again - flew right past it.

ummm...that's awesome. and surprisingly easy. the hardest thing about it was finding time. with having my two best gals with me all day errr day...it calls for some early mornings.

since then i decided to start a little in-home print shop for the sweetest little invitations around. you know...because i have so much extra time.

my invitation designs are simple and classic and i just really love them. the other fun party - i do all my own illustrations! so if you need a little something changed in the picture or the colors aren't suiting your needs - i'm more than happy to adjust anything for you.

ps. does anyone else want donuts now? (eh-hum - donut party alert - third from the top.

what i'm saying is this - Wink & Ink needs a little help finding it's footing in invitation design land.

weeellll...i feel like the best way to help Wink & Ink get busier is by word of mouth. i mean - mom's talk.

mom talk and pinterest.

ps. can anyone give me an intense tutorial on pinterest? rich pins? i feel like i need these in my life. anyway - back to the mom talk -

oooo - where did you get those super cute invitations?! 

just the cutest little shop around! it's called Wink & Ink.

right? we can all see ourselves having this conversation?

if you want to have a little look at Wink & Ink you can see all the premade goodies - but i do custom work too! (actually - i do more custom work than premade. maybe that's saying something about my premade designs...i don't know.)

anyway - Wink & Ink is giving away one free design & print! meaning...if you have a party coming up (birthday / shower / holiday / etc.) Wink & Ink would love to design and print your invitations!

all Wink & Ink invitations are 5.5 x 4.25" and printed with a matte finish on 100# brilliant white, glorious cardstock. it's nearly double the thickness you would find if you printed at say...office depot or vista print. super fancy, friends.

to enter for a chance to win the sweetest little set of custom invitations all you have to do is...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and tell your friends.