as my farmer's to-do list is winding down...mine is gearing up.

i can't say i'm mad about it.

it's mostly fun goodies - minus all the cleaning.

why is it that there is such an intense obligation to clean your house before a party...even though you KNOW it's going to get oh so dirty before a party. then you just have to clean it again afterwards.

the bonus? whenever we know people are coming's inevitable projects will get done.

carpet replaced in the downstairs bedroom - check.
plant some fall mums - check.
replace tree that died three months ago - check.
wipe chocolate smudge off wall - check. ('s been there for a week and just keep not doing it.)
clean microwave - because everyone knows your microwave is going to be looked at...uh no. - check.
finish up some fall landscaping - check!

see! things are happening.

then my sister and her best gal get here on wednesday...and we'll be in business for magical unicorn party time.

kaye and sawyer couldn't be more excited.

but before all the gold glitter starts raining down on me...

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headbands found here
but seriously...they are. i mean...i have two magical unicorns running around my house every day these days. just look!
headbands found here
we're in full halloween / birthday party prep around here and it's all going to be worth it. unicorn tails have been i just need to decide if i'm going to tackle wings or if our unicorns will be flightless. unicorns don't have to fly. they have to do a really good deed to get their wings...or something like that?

for the past four years i've been the mom of those kids that you were scared to take in public. were they going to scream? were they going to sit still? kaye and sawyer were just so damn unpredictable. but friends...i'm happy to report...

just look at my children! and guess what?! not a single drop of hot cocoa was spilled in the making of this outing. sawyer only screamed one time because i wouldn't let her take a frapaccino keychain and when i took them both into the bathroom neither one touched a single thing. starbucks is now serving almond milk...and life is good. 

do i dare take them to target next week?
i saw this little fall looking pup and knew i wanted to draw him up. he was just so so cute. know. happy weekend!

so...earlier this week i wrote a little post about minted holiday cards. well...minted is a company i would just love to keep working with. the trick? they track the performance of your post! see how many people engage with that page. so, if you have a few extra minutes and you want to pop over to my post and see a sneak peek of our family pictures we just had snapped...i'd just love that. and if you happen to click one of the links like...20 or two or one time...i'd love that too. 

happiest of weekends! may your cup overfloweth with all things pumpkin-spicy / apple-cidery / salted caramel mochay...etc. etc.

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