we all have a little crazy in us...right? (some more than others - points at self. makes mental note that farmer is a saint. makes another mental note to try and not be so outwardly awkward.)

well...it all started several months ago when i was trying to grow my instagram...you know...so i could make some more blog mula. i was all over the place liking random photos of who knows what from who knows where...i didn't even care. i just knew i had to like a lot of photos. and that's when a happy little accident happened. i stumbled upon an instagram account that had a video of some hands decorating cookies with royal frosting. you know the cookies - each one looks like a little work of art. so, i watched the video and liked it - of course. then i went into the account and proceeded to like about 45 of her pictures. i was like...ooooo, i like those cookies. ooooo! i like those cookies! no no...those ones are amazing! it was ridiculous.

months went by and i continued to stalk this account...liking each photo. watching each video. vowing to myself that yes...i did need to take on one more hobby and learn how to do royal frosted cookies. and then...kaye and sawyer's birthday was on the horizon. i had a little idea.

i approached julie of sugary sweet cottage via instagram and asked her if she would be interested in whipping up a batch of cookies for my best gals and their unicorn birthday? julie so sweetly agreed and i was totally jazzed. i was going to have beautiful cookies to help brand the birthday party!

as the date approached julie sent me some sneak peaks of the cookies but when i actually got my hands on them they were so so much better in person.

first of all - each cookie was heat sealed (for freshness - they were shipped from texas!) and then individually bubble wrapped. i was shocked. they came in the cutest box and had a little thank you note. i felt like it was my birthday.

i decided that in all my stalking i wanted all of us to get to know julie and sugary sweet cottage a little better.


KARLI | first things first - is it weird that i instagram stalked you?

JULIE | ummmm... isn't that what IG is for? well, I stalk like 3 main people right now. an incredible interior designer, a ridiculously amazing cookier that posts cookie videos every week (I am seriously in awe), and an uber talented photographer that captures bright, light filled, artsy photographs that make me drool!

KARLI | how long have you been doing this and how did you get started?

JULIE | I've been decorating cookies for almost 8 years, for family and friends, because it was just so fun! it was only last year (sept 2015) that a friend was like "you totally need to sell these" and I'm like "good idea".. so I began marketing on social media and boom, there was a huge response from my community. I am still astounded by how many orders I get every day and how many I can't fulfill, and that part makes me sad. My goal is to one day have the capacity to not turn down any orders!

KARLI | how did you decide to turn this into a business?

JULIE | I didn't really make that decision. It just happened, naturally. I think that's the best part of it, I was never driven to make money, I just loved baking and decorating cookies but suddenly I had incredible feedback to contribute to so many celebrations and I got hooked. It's seriously such a good feeling to make someone smile with an art that fulfills me so much! It's a win-win.

KARLI | you have two best gals - do they like helping in the kitchen?

JULIE | truly, you hit the nail on the head, those little ladies are my absolute best gals. most to all of the baking/decorating goes on while they are at school or sleeping because when they are with me, their needs overrule anything else! that is the best part of what I do. I make my own hours. I am always there for them, at school drop off, pick up, and for every little event that is important to them and to our family. I don't have to check into a boss for time off to be there for them, I schedule it myself! a fabulous perk to working from home and owning my own business. We do, however, love cooking & baking together, and we don't limit this to cookies. We have baked pies, scones, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, and endless dinners together. My girls love the kitchen as much as their mama does and they especially love the messy work.

KARLI | and when do you find time to do all these cookies?!

JULIE | Ok, so every week is different based on how I want to schedule out my work. Currently, I am working on a schedule where I get up in the morning with my hubby at 4:30 (yes, I know, so early) but it's great because we get to have coffee together, then I work until 7:00. At this time, I start getting the girls up, getting them ready, packing lunches, making breakfast, and getting them to school. Since they both have different schedules, I am not done with drop offs until 9:30. Based on my workload, I can work from 9:30 until 1:30. Then I begin school pickups and after school activities. I only work mon-thurs, so I end up logging about 24 hours of "cookie work" per week. Certainly, there are weeks where I overbook myself and have to work in the evening after they go to bed, but I really try not to. I enjoy my downtime with my family and I need my sleep like nothing else!

KARLI | where are most of your clients? do you ship all over texas?

JULIE | Most of my clients are local. I live in Weatherford, Texas, a small town about 20 miles west of Fort Worth. I have customers in so many surrounding cities... weatherford, aledo, brock, peaster, millsap, granbury, and even eastland (a town that is 72 miles away!) Currently, Texas Food Cottage Laws prohibit shipping cookies, and require a face to face monetary transaction for all cookie orders. Therefore, I do not ship cookies for orders placed. I can only ship cookies as gifts!

KARLI | if someone in texas wanted to purchase from you - how do they go about doing that? 

JULIE | Certainly, I would love to work with anyone in this great state! For cookie quotes and ordering details, please e-mail me! Please keep in mind that shipping and delivery is not an option at this time, and all cookie orders must be picked up in Weatherford, Texas.

see what i mean! everyone needs cookies from julie! and if you're not in texas then do yourself a favor and at least go have a peek at her instagram!

julie is also in the works of setting up her website / cookie portfolio, so keep that in mind as well! you can find that at www.sugarysweetcottage.com! you can also find her and more images of her amazing cookies on facebook!