and look at that. just 16 more days until christmas. that's just over two weeks. guys - this was NOT the best time for amazon to let me know i could watch HBO shows for free for 30 days. hello game of thrones.

never in a million years did i think it would be the type of show i would like - i sure was wrong. way off. missed the mark so hard on that one. which has resulted in me doing mostly nothing.

that's a lie. i've been super busy. i've rearranged some furniture. we moved sawyer's bed back the girls really are sharing a room...officially. we cleaned out two closets. and now i'm prepping our bathroom to be worked on starting monday!

but before i talk about all things bathroom...

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we've been putting off finishing our basement bathroom for a good four years now. i have to say - i'm happy we did! my tastes have changed so much. the bad news - i haven't picked tile, flooring, paint...the only thing i do have are these lights and this vanity.
and now all of a sudden i'm totally regretting my decision on the lights! i never do gold. now do i get a gold faucet? i'm so confused. but...i think if i stick with the dark faucet i'll be okay...right?
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i have the hardest time with gifting to my farmer. he hates spending money on himself, but then when it comes to anything he want and / or needs - it's typically super expensive. so if you have a fella in that department, here are six easy gifts to tuck under the tree for him. (ps. not affiliate links. i gave up on amazon / shopify long ago.)
i know i sound like a freaking broken record - but i have got to get it together with the eating and the working out. as in - eat out more. but, you know - it started with the broken elbow and then i had a pulled hip flexor from god knows what...and then the broken butt from disneyland. i'm a real shit show over here. 
so - i'm going to start out with a few small goals for the weekend / coming week - 
1. no snacking on chocolate chips. it's become a real problem now that i'm denying myself animal crackers...with them being gluten-ridden and all.
2. work out at least every other day. this seems crazy to me considering before i broke my elbow i was working out every single day...but i guess all it takes is getting out of the habit. now i need to get back into the habit...
and 3. get my workouts done before the girls wake up. i've been telling myself that i'll workout when they're playing after breakfast...but it just hasn't happened, so i obviously need to change that right up.
it's happening. we can see the end in sight...especially my farmer. i can never remember one combine season to the next, but it seems like this year the combining itself is going really well but our semi trucks hauling all the corn have been breaking down like crazy. and to top the crazy off - my farmer got a phone call from one of the drivers two days ago and one of the wheels had fallen off...and when that driver had gone to get the wheel he encountered a mountain lion. no joke. no joke - because when my farmer went to go help him he also saw the mountain lion. i guess farming is exciting stuff.
and, you know, in case you missed it...this week i talked about...
a few thoughts for a monday

some super cute decor for all seasons

okay - have a super fantastic weekend!